Dolores Catania Reveals What Went Wrong With David Principe

Getty Images Dolores Catania opens up about split from David Principe.

Dolores Catania split from her longterm boyfriend David Principe in 2021, and is opening up about her decision to end things with him.

Over the past couple of seasons of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” fans saw David very little. According to Dolores, he was always busy working — but she was okay with it. Instead, Dolores spent time with her ex-husband, Frank Catania, and leaned on him as a companion.

“A relationship is between two people, so, I don’t think that they understand that I appreciate the freedom that I have, but you’re going to see me get mad [and] there’s going to be a reason that I get mad. Not because my friends didn’t understand my relationship or whatever, it was for a different reason,” Dolores told Hollywood Life in April 2021.

“I have a thing I live by — If my friends are in my life, they are privy to what goes on in my life and how I really feel. So if I say I’m happy, trust me, I am. When I say I’m not, trust me, I’m not. But I’m also going to let you have your opinion because I love you because you’re my friend and I’m going to let you say what you want to say,” the reality star added.

For years, many people criticized Dolores and David’s relationship, but she seemed determined to make it work — until recently. After nearly four years of dating, Dolores and David called in quits in the summer of 2021, according to Us Weekly.

In an interview with Page Six, Dolores talked about what went wrong between her and David, and why she finally left him.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dolores Said She ‘Felt Alone’ While Dating David

While Dolores expressed being okay with how her relationship with David was going for many years, the one thing that most people were concerned about was the main reason that Dolores ended things. From what fans saw on RHONJ, David was married to his job, and there was only a sliver of room for Dolores in his free time.

That may have worked out for her in the beginning, but once Dolores moved into her townhouse, she said that the two of them really “grew apart.”

“David and I weren’t spending much time together to begin with,” Dolores told Page Six. “It just felt like it was time to end things,” she added.

Dolores went on to say that she “need more” and it got to a point where she knew that she “deserved more.”

“Ultimately, I had to make a change,” Dolores said. She added that the two ended things on good terms.

Dolores & David Haven’t Really Spoken Since Their Split

It seems like Dolores and David had a clean break, and that things didn’t really get messy between them, which is good, but the two aren’t really talking at all anymore.

“We haven’t really spoken. I know what I signed up for and when something in your life changes, it’s only fair to everyone to share it with them, you know? And I’ve always been very honest with everything — from plastic surgery to my relationship with [my ex-husband] Frank and my relationship with the girls,” Dolores told Us Weekly on January 27, 2022.

“[It was] time to move on and it was not for any reason. I’m sure he has nothing bad to say about me. I have nothing bad to say about him, but it was just time,” she added.

Dolores is already dating someone new — a guy named Paul Connell — and she has gone public with him on Instagram. “I’m very, very happy. I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s new and you don’t know what is going to happen. That’s another thing that’s hard for me, wanting to feel, like, normal and posting a picture and just having fun. I’m getting shy. All I can say is [that] I’m very happy,” Dolores told Us Weekly.

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