Fans React to Erika Jayne Saying She Would Like Compassion

Erika Jayne.

Getty Images Erika Jayne is being dragged online.

In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 17, Erika Jayne had a heated conversation with her co-stars Kyle Richards, Garcelle Beauvais, and Crystal Kung Minkoff. She expressed frustration toward her castmates after they brought up legal issues surrounding her estranged husband, former lawyer Tom Girardi, who has been accused of embezzling client funds. When Minkoff asserted that “all [she] think[s] about are victims,” the “Pretty Mess” singer replied, “I don’t give a f*** about anybody else but me.” The remark upset Richards, who shared she believed Jayne should have compassion for those who have allegedly been wronged by Girardi. 

“Why am I showing compassion for people that are dogging me for something I didn’t do,” responded the 51-year-old. 

Jayne ended up leaving Richards’ Aspen house after the argument. 

In RHOBH season 12, episode 20, Sutton Stracke had a conversation with Jayne about her reactions to her co-stars. She shared that she would appreciate it if the mother of one would refrain from “lashing out” at her castmates.

“I started out being soft and trying to explain. And I felt like I wasn’t heard. You know, that’s when I start to get angry. And push back. And then we are off to the races,” said the “Pretty Mess” singer.

Jayne also admitted that she was triggered by the word “victims.” 

“I have a hard time with because it implies that I’ve done something,” said the singer. 

Stracke then shared that she would like her RHOBH co-star to “add in [her] voice a little compassion.” Jayne chimed in she “would like some compassion too.” 

A Reddit user shared the scene on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Scene 

Erika Jayne

GettyErika Jayne

Several Reddit users shared their thoughts about the RHOBH season 12, episode 20 scene in the post’s comments section. 

“Sutton is being extremely polite. You can tell she’s shy about being more direct, but that makes her more relatable to me. And I do like how she said ‘And look at me here, I’m giving [compassion]’. That’s Sutton’s version of shade,” shared one person

“Imagine being so self-absorbed that the word ‘victims’ (in the completely correct context in these discussions) triggers rage. Absolute clown,” added another

“How do you ask for compassion when you give none? I’m actually tired of them having this conversation because she’s not getting it. I wish we could just skip to the reunion and be done with it already,” asserted a different person

“It’s crazy that the other women aren’t even asking her to feel compassion, just have compassion in her voice, act like someone who has compassion,” shared a Reddit user

“God, she just is so self absorbed,” asserted a commenter

“Everything about this makes me angry except for Sutton’s gorgeous tile backsplash,” stated a Bravo fan

“‘And I would like some compassion’ O M G it’s not always about you!!! Such a narcissist. Just take it in and hear it. You need to show compassion and empathy for the people who went thru tragedy, and then were screwed over and you profited from that. You deserve nothing,” asserted an RHOBH viewer.

“People would feel compassion for Erika if Erika actually SHOWED some compassion. Why is it so hard for her to understand that?! I just can’t believe how dense she is! Sutton is clear, calm and articulate in explaining it here and she still doesn’t get it 🤦‍♀️,” chimed in an eighth person

Erika Jayne Shared Why She Decided to Leave Kyle Richards’ Aspen House

Kyle Richards

Getty ImagesKyle Richards.

Jayne shared why she decided to vacate Richards’ Aspen home to stay with Diana Jenkins in a hotel during a September 2022 episode of the “RHOBH After Show.”

“I don’t feel welcomed there. I don’t feel welcomed in a place where my friend, Kyle, is, you know, yelling at me, not understanding the place that I’m coming from and I don’t feel welcomed,” said Jayne. 

Richards also noted that she was upset by Jayne’s decision to leave her home.

“I felt really emotional when I came back and saw that she just left my house,” stated the “Halloween” star.

New episodes of RHOBH air Wednesdays on Bravo.

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Michele Creel
Michele Creel
2 months ago

why does she need compassion, she still alive and making money, is self-absorbed, self-centered girl, don’t like her and she needs to goher and Lisa and Diana!!!

Teresa Dunn Petrocelli
Teresa Dunn Petrocelli
2 months ago
Reply to  Michele Creel

I Agree!! Rinna is a horrible person also! Hate to hear any of those 3 talk on the show. All so negative!

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