Fans Criticize Diana Jenkins’ Behavior on RHOBH

Sanela Diana Jenkins

Getty Sanela Diana Jenkins in 2016.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Diana Jenkins joined the show’s cast during its twelfth season, which premiered in 2022. The philanthropist, who was a Bosnian refugee, was married to the financier Roger Allan Jenkins until 2011. During her time on “RHOBH,” Jenkins has not been shy about showcasing her lavish lifestyle. 

On June 25, a Reddit user took to the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit to share that they did not enjoy Jenkins’ presence on the hit Bravo series. The commenter asserted that they believed the 49-year-old was among the “out of touch housewives.” 

“Also unpopular opinion, her money it’s giving me Erika [Jayne] vibes like if she’s so wealthy and have these awesome businesses why are coming on a show like RHOBH… especially since you have the attitude your better then everyone there. Before anyone says it’s to promote it then this was a terrible idea because what I have seen most people don’t like her and who would want to buy from her. So in conclusion my final thoughts are none of the ladies would like her if it wasn’t for her money,” wrote the Reddit user. 

Quite a few commenters shared that they also had an issue with Jenkins. 

“The best part to me is all the talks about is her rags to riches story…. yet comes across as the LEAST humble/humble beginning housewife,” wrote a Bravo fan

“She is literally the epitome of money with no class. She can have all the money in the world, but she will always appears cheap because of her attitude,” asserted a different person

“She has no personality and is superboring! In the last episode she didnt contribute at all, like zero! On the boat she was so quite and timid and then just left to go swimming. And her confessionals are so over the top, with hyperbolic languages aimed to villanize Sutton [Stracke] and Garcelle [Beauvais],” shared an “RHOBH” fan

“Completely agree, she’s so entitled and unrelatable. If she stays on the show though (which I doubt she will tbh, she’s giving one hit wonder), I think the other women will turn on her,” agreed a Bravo viewer.

“She’s a walking contradiction. she’s so vain and wealth-obsessed but then the second someone points that out she reminds them that she was a refugee from a war-torn country so she can’t be criticised for her new lifestyle. and then has the nerve to chastise sutton for eating bacon despite being a vegetarian. girl, at least be consistent,” commented a social media user.

“I dunno…I personally don’t think she has ANY personality or story line. I keep forgetting she’s there 🤷‍♀️😂 I guess the only thing I could say about her is she the new rich one 🤷‍♀️ so maybe 🤔 haven’t figured out what she’s bringing or why she’s even interested in being on the show either,” chimed in a sixth commenter

Erika Jayne Spoke About Diana Jenkins 

In a May 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erika Jayne shared that she has enjoyed being a co-star with Jenkins. 

“Love Diana, oh you’re going to really like her. Talk about someone who gives no fs. That’s like on a mega level,” stated the “RHOBH” star. 

She also shared that she understood why Jenkins had issues with “RHOBH” star Sutton Stracke during season 12. 

“You’ll see something between Diana and Sutton that hurt Diana’s feelings very much. And I think that’s what you’re seeing is the reaction to that because Diana’s feelings were very hurt and I understand why,” stated Jayne. 

Erika Jayne Spoke About Her Relationship With Her Estranged Husband 

While speaking to Page Six in May 2022, Jayne discussed her relationship with her estranged husband, Tom Girardi. She noted that he is residing at a senior living facility. 

“Tom reaches out to me from time to time but look Tom is in a state of decline. He’s in a memory care facility and this is just the way life goes. It’s very sad. Hard to deal with but it’s here. You know, looking back it’s hard to disconnect from someone you’ve been with for over two decades, especially when you know they are struggling,” shared Jayne. 

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