Fans Slam Dr. Jen Armstrong’s Behavior Around Her Husband

Jennifer Armstong

YouTube Jennifer Armstong in her RHOC confessional.

Dr. Jen Armstrong joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” for its sixteenth season, which premiered in December 2021. Throughout her time on the show, Armstrong has been open about her relationship issues with her husband Ryne Holliday. In season 16, episode 11, Heather Dubrow and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, invited the couple over for a dinner party. During the event, Holliday appeared to be withdrawn and Armstrong, who was inebriated, answered questions directed at him. 

Some fans took to the All Things Bravo Reality TV Facebook page to share that they did not enjoy the scene.

One Facebook user wrote, “I know I’m in the minority but I actually felt sorry for Rhyne or whatever his name is at the dinner at the Dubrows. #uncomfortable.” A number of Bravo fans shared their opinions on the matter in the post’s comments section, with many noting that they did not appreciate Armstrong’s behavior. 

“That was so uncomfortable. She was super trashed and inappropriate. So much for setting a great example for how married couples behave lol… so bad,” asserted one “RHOC” viewer

“Any person with a bit of sympathy, could see/feel Rhye’s immense discomfort, and his wife was making the situation far worse ! Too bad…. both are good people. The Hosts & thier dear guests were totally entertained,” added another

“I totally agree! She was a mess. It was cringeworthy,” shared a Bravo fan.

 “I felt so sorry for him, he’s too good for her!” chimed in a fourth person

‘RHOC’ Fans Shared Their Thoughts About Dr. Jen Armstrong & Her Husband in a Separate Facebook Thread

In a separate thread on the All Things Bravo Reality TV Facebook page, an “RHOC” fan shared a picture of Holliday at the Dubrow’s party with the caption, “Did anyone else slowly recoil into the fetal position because of how uncomfortable this whole dinner was?? Omg lol.” 

Many commenters shared they felt empathetic towards Holliday during the dinner party scene. 

“She is a drunk, he was embarrassed and decided to Stay quiet, bc he really just wanted to crawl into a test tube. She has alot of issues. I feel bad for him,” wrote a Bravo viewer

“He was so uncomfortable and he isn’t a drinker like Jen. He was kinda Embarrassed how she was acting. How she was talking for him. Ugh she needs a chill pill,” asserted an “RHOC” fan.

 “It was Jen the drunk mess that made it so cringy. How embarrassing for him,” added another.

“Lol me.. it was brutal. And Jen’s behaviour was appalling!” asserted a different person.  

Heather Dubrow Discussed the Dinner Party

During a March 2022 episode of the “RHOC After Show,” Heather explained why she wanted Armstrong and Holliday to interact with other married couples at her house in season 16, episode 11. She shared that she believed couples who are in a rough patch should spend time with people who “have successful relationships.”

“You can emulate them. You can get pearls from them, so that you can see what they are doing right,” stated the “7 Year Stitch” host. 

Armstrong then shared that she had an enjoyable time at the Dubrows’ dinner party. 

“It was fun. It was a blast,” stated the CEO of Advanced Skincare Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

New episodes of “RHOC” air Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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