Frank Catania Gives Major Update on RHONJ Season 13 Cast

RHONJ cast

Bravo A "Real Housewives" star has confirmed rumors that one of the women was demoted.

Frank Catania has revealed some big news about the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 13 cast.

The ex-husband of Dolores Catania, who has been a staple on the show for several seasons, recently sat down for a chat on “The Morning Toast” podcast where he dished on what’s going on next season.

Although there have been all kinds of rumors about who is staying, who is going, and who is joining, Big Frank totally spilled the beans about what fans can expect. He confirmed the rumors that Jackie Goldschneider would be returning in a “friend of” role, demoted as a full-time Housewife and that Traci Johnson, wife of Tiki Barber, would not be filming another season.

Here’s what you need to know:

Goldschneider Recently Found Out That She’d Wouldn’t Be Back Full-Time

There have been several rumors about Goldschneider’s future on RHONJ, most that have come from unconfirmed blinds.

“Jackie is always a last minute decision, but she’ll most likely be back but may get edited down by the end of filming,” a source previously told Bravo and Cocktails. Meanwhile, according to RHONJ gossip account rhonjobsessed, Goldschneider had indeed been demoted.

Bravo has yet to make any kind official cast announcement for the upcoming season of RHONJ, which is slated to begin filming very soon, but Catania was given the scoop but Goldschneider herself.

“Nobody tells us anything,” Catania said on the May 24, 2022, episode of “The Morning Toast” podcast. “Supposedly, you know, we have some new girls coming on this year, I know nothing. I know nothing about it,” Catania continued. When he was asked about Goldschneider’s future on the show, Catania revealed the decision made by the network.

“I didn’t know for sure. I went out to dinner the other night with Jackie and Evan, alright. And yes. I heard yes. Alright? She is a friend of,” he confirmed. When asked about Johnson, he confirmed that she won’t be back.

“I heard Traci’s gone. But, at the same time, I gotta be honest…nothing is definitive,” he said. Catania also expressed disappointment in Bravo’s decision to make Goldschneider a part time housewife.

“I thought she had a great season,” he said, referring to season 12. Catania gives Goldschneider a lot of credit for opening up about her eating disorder — and for going up against his ex-wife.

“I like Jackie,” he said.

Goldschneider May Have Alluded to the Demotion on Instagram

On May 24, 2022, Goldschneider uploaded a couple of photos of herself wearing a yellow dress and holding a denim jacket over her shoulder.

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback,” she captioned the post. Although she didn’t make mention of RHONJ, some fans took to the comments to suggest that her caption was related to the show.

“Luann was a friend for a season too and came back stronger than ever,” one person wrote.

“Bring it girl! You’ll get that FT part back,” someone else added.

“Work it for that FT spot back girl,” a third Instagram user said.

“Turn it out so much they have no other choice but to make you full time!!!!” a fourth comment read.

Filming for season 13 has already started, according to Catania.

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