Jennifer Aydin Flaunts Over-the-Top Christmas Décor at Her NJ Home

Jennifer Aydin

Getty Jennifer Aydin of RHONJ.

Jennifer Aydin showed off her lavish holiday décor, but not everyone appreciated the show.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star posted photos and videos of her 12,000 square-foot Paramus, New Jersey mansion to Instagram to show off the extravagant decorating job done by the company Christmas Designer of New Jersey.

Jennifer’s indoor “candy cane” theme featured red and white florals, oversized ornaments, and lit garland going up her double staircases. Other photos showed off lavishly decorated trees, wreaths, and two oversized Nutcracker statues flanking the foyer. A fireplace was adorned with garland and wreaths for Jennifer, her plastic surgeon husband, Bill,  and their five kids.

The outside of the Aydin home was also shown decorated with thousands of lights and lit wreaths on the windows.

“Ready to kick off this holiday season! It’s Candy Cane theme!” the Bravo star captioned one of her posts. She also encouraged followers to book the design company she sued to create their own “winter wonderland.”

Jennifer Aydin Was Criticized For Flaunting Her Wealth


Jennifer’s posts received plenty of feedback. While many of her followers praised her decorations, others noted that the supersized “McMansion” looks more like a mall than a home. Others criticized the wealthy Bravo star for flaunting her wealth while others struggle during the holiday season.

“Very nice! What did the children do for the less fortunate this holiday season?” one commenter wrote.

“Sad your kids don’t know what fun it is to decorate. Only how to write checks,” another chimed in.

Another wrote that the decorations were “new money tacky” and said they hope Jeinnfer’ss children “won’t grow to be self-indulgent cheap and tacky.”

“Do you ever think of anyone but yourself?” another commenter asked the RHONJ star. “All I see are pictures of you and your wealth. I hope you’re happy with your expensive glamorous life,”

“I agree,” another added. “How about show us a picture of paying it forward to someone who is in need this holiday season??”

Others defended Jennifer by saying that while she may exploit her wealth, she is very devoted to her children and that her parenting shouldn’t be criticized. Others added that perhaps the wealthy reality star is paying it forward and just chooses not to broadcast it on social media.

Jennifer Has Been Criticized By Her RHONJ Co-Star

Jennifer often talks about her 9-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion and shares photos of the decor. She recently told The New York Post that she needs a big house due to her large family.

“I have five kids,” she said. “We have extended family. My father lives with me. My siblings come over all the time. So for our lifestyle, it works for us right now.”

But Jennifer’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey” co-star Margaret Josephs told Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast that Jennifer “doesn’t understand what is going on in the real world.”

“I think it says it all in her tagline, ‘Money can’t buy happiness,’ but obviously it buys her happiness because she has unlimited credit,” Margaret said. “So what you are saying is that your happiness is bought by money. That’s what you’re saying because you can spend endlessly. Her happiness can be bought by material possessions.”

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Skeeter West
Skeeter West
1 month ago

Thank you for the lovely pictures of your home. You’ve brought some happiness to me. Who am I? I’m a terminally ill man in Virginia who can use all the joy and sunshine people like Jennifer care to share. Jealous people may be angry. Can’t we all just cheer her on? She could have gone on a world cruise, posted pics, that works be bragging. Her large home is a blessing to her. She’s sharing it with us all. Jennifer, thank you. I’m still here another year for Christmas.

Clarisa DeLuna
Clarisa DeLuna
1 month ago

It’s her money. She’s making it. So is her husband. If you want that lifestyle…work.

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