Jenny McCarthy Accidentally Caught Calling Real Housewife’s Husband a ‘Loser’

Jenny McCarthy

Getty Jenny McCarthy in 2019

During a November 4 appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Jenny McCarthy slammed Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson’s husband, Shane.

McCarthy appeared with Simpson as her fellow guest on Watch What Happens Live. During the episode, host Andy Cohen played the game “Who’s The Bigger Dork?” with McCarthy, where he shows two photos of Bravolebs side by side and the guest has to choose who the bigger dork is. Well, when Cohen pulled up a side-by-side of Simpson’s husband and Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s husband, Sean Burke, things got a little messy.

“They’re both dorks! They’re both huge losers!” McCarthy exclaimed during the episode, not realizing that it was a photo of Simpson’s husband. “Seriously? You just called my husband a loser right in front of me. Wow.” Simpson responded on-air.

McCarthy then tried to backtrack, saying, “I screwed up, it’s the guy with the necklace, then.”

McCarthy Also Called Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Husband a ‘Loser’

Even though McCarthy tried to backtrack on her statement about Simpson’s husband, she backtracked by calling Windham-Burke’s husband a loser. “I screwed up the names, it’s the guy with the necklace, I said!” McCarthy said after she made the mistake, referring to Burke’s husband.

“Back it up, you heard, I go ‘those necklaces, I can’t take those necklaces,” McCarthy continued. Later in the episode, when Cohen said that he was going to give McCarthy the opportunity to apologize for her statement, McCarthy then doubled down on her comment about Burke. “You guys can rewind that section and hear me say, ‘I can’t stand his necklaces.’ I got the names wrong,” McCarthy said.

Some Fans Found McCarthy’s Mistake Funny

After McCarthy mistakenly called Simpson’s husband a “loser” on-air, some fans on Twitter found her slip-up to be quite funny. One user wrote, “This was AMAZING. I love Jenny McCarthy she was right.” Another user wrote, “@JennyMcCarthy OMG! I haven’t laughed in so long. That was fricking hilarious when you picked @RealOCEmily‘s husband as biggest loser!!! And you were just laughing so hard when you realized!!!! Love it!!! Thanks for the laugh. LMAO ROTF.”

However, other fans and viewers seemed to side with Simpson. Following the clip, one user wrote on Twitter, “Sending some love, this is just mean, Shane is no loser.” Another wrote, “Most awkward moment award goes to…”

Simpson Recently Said That She Wants Viewers to See a Different Side of Her Husband on Season 15

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Simpson spoke about the fact that viewers have ridiculed her marriage in the past. However, Simpson hopes that viewers will see her husband Shane in a different way during this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

“If I took in every piece of criticism, I would have divorced him two years ago,” Simpson told Entertainment Tonight. “I really have to focus on the Shane that I know versus everyone bombarding me with what I should do.”

Simpson continued, telling Entertainment Tonight, “We do have a really good relationship, and there is a very strong, solid foundation. I think every long-term marriage goes through years where you have really high highs and you have really low lows … and I’m proud of the fact that we didn’t just get divorced and become another Real Housewife statistic.”

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