SEE IT: Real Housewife Star Re-Wore ‘Iconic’ Reunion Look

RHOA cast

Bravo Kandi Buruss re-wore her gold jumpsuit recently.

A “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wore her reunion outfit for a second time while appearing on WWHL.

Kandi Burruss re-wore her season 9 reunion jumpsuit while appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” on September 18, 2022.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kandi Burruss Praised for Re-Wearing Jumpsuit: ‘I Loved This Jumpsuit and I Love Seeing Her Wear It Again Because S*** Is Too Damn Expensive to Only Wear It Once’

“#RHOA star @Kandi is on #WWHL tonight at 10PM ET and she’s wearing her iconic Season 9 reunion jumpsuit!” the show tweeted.

In the video, shared by the WWHL account, Burruss said, “Hey what’s up y’all? I am your girl Kandi and I’m gonna be on Watch What Happens Live tonight at 10 p.m.”

“Kandi is on #WWHL tonight and she’s wearing her #RHOA Season 9,” a fan account tweeted along with a before and after pic. “She looks fabulous.”

In the comments, fans were happy to see Burruss on the show and loved to see the reunion flashback.

“I thought this outfit looked familiar… you still look good in it!” a fan tweeted.

Someone said, “i fr love how housewives repeat their iconic fits it’s needs to be more normalized.”

“I loved this jumpsuit and I love seeing her wear it again because s*** is too damn expensive to only wear it once,” a fan pointed out.

A few fans remembered the iconic moment, which has since been made into memes and GIFs where Burruss called out her cast mates for their storytelling.

“Not ‘THE LIES’ outfit now all I hear is ‘Youuu said that ????!!!’ someone wrote. 

“Kandi in her ‘I don’t want to tear you all the way down on this show’ outfit,” someone tweeted. “Every time I see that seasons’ reunion I get so mad that Kandi cut Phaedra & Porsha soooo much slack!!!”

“Is that the jumpsuit from THAT REUNION,” a fan asked.

“I love an eco friendly queen,” a fan tweeted.

Someone said, “I’m here for a recycled look years after.”

Burruss Explains the RHOA Reunion Seating Chart & Gives an Update on Her Future With the Show

While appearing on Amazon Live over the weekend, Burruss explained why her spot on the couch wasn’t an indication of her future with the franchise.

“The seat next to Andy is not about who has the most seniority or who’s making the most coin or who’s the most important, it’s about who was in the most mess that particular season,” she said, explaining why Marlo Hampton and Shereé Whitfield were posted next to the host, Andy Cohen.

Burruss also addressed the idea that, because of her placements on the couch, she must not be returning for season 15.

“First of all, I was at the end the season before,” she said on the Amazon Live. “Did you not see me back last season, Season 14? And guess what? You will see back for Season 15. We’re starting again soon. So get sick of me, you’re going to be sick of me.”

If Burruss returns for season 15, she’ll hold the title of the longest-running housewife. Vicki Gunvalson currently holds the record at 13 seasons but is not a housewife currently, according to Deadline.

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