Kathy Hilton Reveals Where She Stands With Lisa Vanderpump Today

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Even though Kyle Richards is no longer friends with former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” costar Lisa Vanderpump, it doesn’t mean that her sister, Kathy Hilton, can’t be…or can she?

During a June 23, 2021, appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Andy Cohen asked Hilton if she is still friends with Vanderpump. “Um, you know, Kyle is sitting right here,” Hilton said, as Richards was sitting in the audience that night. “Truthfully, I don’t- She’s so busy.”

Richards then chimed into the conversation, telling her sister, “You’re not friends with her.”

Hilton continued, telling Cohen about Vanderpump, “She’s busy, and she does work for Mr. Cohen – Andrew, as I should be calling him – so I don’t get a chance to see her. I do have to say, when she did say that Kyle should keep her new little nose out of her business, that made me feel a little bad. Because Kyle always wanted just to have things good, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Are Kathy Hilton & Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends? | WWHLAndy Cohen asks Kathy Hilton from RHOBH what her relationship is like with Lisa Vanderpump in wake of Lisa’s fallout with Kyle Richards and Kyle, who’s in the audience, has something to say about her response. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: bravo.ly/WWHLSub ►► Watch Full Episodes: bravo.app.link/WatchWhatHappe…   Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website: bravotv.com/watch-what-ha… Follow WWHL: twitter.com/BravoWWHL Like WWHL: facebook.com/WatchWhatHap……2021-06-24T04:41:28Z

Vanderpump exited “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” during season nine, after she was at odds with many of her cast members due to the “puppygate” scandal. During the season, Vanderpump was accused of selling stories to the media about Dorit Kemsley and the dog that she had rehomed. Vanderpump maintained that she was not the one to leak the story, but the ladies on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” were not buying it.

Vanderpump Praised Hilton Just a Few Months Ago

Does Lisa Vanderpump See Herself Returning to RHOBH? | WWHLLisa Vanderpump says if she’d speak to Kyle Richards again and talks about people asking her to return to RHOBH after commenting on Kathy Hilton joining the show. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: bravo.ly/WWHLSub ►► Watch Full Episodes: bravo.app.link/WatchWhatHappensLive-YT Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website: bravotv.com/watch-what-happens-live Follow WWHL: twitter.com/BravoWWHL Like WWHL: facebook.com/WatchWhatHappensLive/ WWHL Tumblr: bravowwhl.tumblr.com/ 'Watch…2021-03-24T02:30:01Z

Even though Hilton may not be a fan of Vanderpump these days, Vanderpump praised the star during a March 2021 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

“I love Kathy, I think that’s a very positive aspect to it,” Vanderpump admitted during the show when she was asked if she would ever return to the franchise. “People ask me all the time, am I going back? It’s been such a long time, and I’ve got a lot going on … but I do love Kathy. If you could just get rid of the other five, then yeah, there’s a possibility.”

Richards and Vanderpump Have Been Publicly Feuding With Each Other

Even though Richards and Vanderpump don’t communicate anymore, they have been taking public jabs at each other lately. In May 2021, Vanderpump appeared on E! News’ Daily Pop, and shaded Richards during her interview.  Earlier in May, it was reported that the two were dining separately at the same restaurant, and Vanderpump sent her bill to Richards’ table.

“See I didn’t dine and dash like Kyle, who is always trying to make me look bad,” Vanderpump said at the time about her old friend. “I didn’t dine and dash. She should keep her new nose out of my business.”

A few days later, Richards also appeared on E!’s Daily Pop, where she shot back at Vanderpump’s diss. “I don’t care what she says, it’s not important,” Richards admitted.

Viewers can catch all-new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” every Wednesday night at 8/7c p.m. on Bravo.

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