Kelly Dodd Calls Emily Simpson a ‘Fake Friend’ & More in New YouTube Video

Kelly Dodd

Getty Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson

Kelly Dodd is not mincing her words when it comes to sharing her opinion on her former “Real Housewives of Orange County” costars.

In a new video posted to Dodd and her husband, Rick Leventhal’s, YouTube channel on December 23, the pair recapped the fourth episode of this season’s “Real Housewives of Orange County.” During the recap, Dodd spoke about former costar Emily Simpson and her role on the show, slamming her as a “fake friend.”

“I used to be friends with Emily, we used to talk all the time, but now that I have a stink on me, she doesn’t want to be associated with me anymore,” Dodd alleged. “I asked her what’s going on because we used to talk all the time, so she was a fake friend. She did that for show.”

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Simpson Said That She Would Miss Dodd After She Was Fired Ahead of Season 16

Shortly after it was revealed that Dodd was let go from the franchise in June 2021, Simpson admitted during an interview with E! News that she would miss working with her costar.

“Kelly and I got close over the last three years and we were really good friends, so it’s hard to see someone all the time in like a work situation and then that person isn’t there,” Simpson told the outlet at the time. “That’ll be an adjustment.”

At the time, Simpson also revealed that she was shocked with the casting changes that came ahead of season 16. Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas were all let go, while Heather Dubrow was brought back in their place, along with new ‘wives Noella Bergener and Jen Armstrong.

“I had no idea that they were going to make that many changes,” Simpson said. “There are a lot of times where people or even Andy [Cohen] will say something like a reboot. First of all, I don’t even know what reboot means. Do you mean recast or reboot? So I really, honestly, didn’t think there would be that big of changes. I mean it was a shock, like shocking, shocking. I was shocked so many times in one day. I was traumatized.”

Dodd Has Been Going off on Other ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Stars

Simpson is not the only one who Dodd has been putting on blast during her “Real Housewives of Orange County” recaps with Leventhal. During their episode two recap, Dodd went off on Heather Dubrow for the amount of sushi she wasted during her dinner party catered by Nobu. The party was cut short due to a blowout fight that erupted when a lawsuit about Dubrow’s husband was brought up on camera.

“Well, first of all, if you have that much food, why are you letting it go to waste?” Dodd said in the video. “Send it to the Someone Cares food shelter like I do… I send all my leftovers over there. Especially throwing out numbers, $36,000, who does that?”

Dodd continued, “This is Heather, ‘I’m gonna buy a house in Cabo or Idaho.’ It’s all show and no go. Just do it. Don’t say you’re going to, talk is cheap. You don’t have a yacht, you don’t have a private plane, shut up with your money, you’re ridiculous.”

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