Kim D. Hits Back at Teresa Giudice ‘Sewer Rat’ Reunion Insult

Kim DePaola

YouTube/Bravo Kim DePaola

Although she is no longer a part of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” it doesn’t mean that Kim DePaola can’t stir up some drama from behind the scenes.

During the recent reunion, DePaola was brought up by host Andy Cohen, as she had made some claims in the press about Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend, alleging that he had mistreated his past girlfriends. In response, Giudice called DePaola a “sewer rat,” which clearly didn’t go over too well with the former RHONJ star. On May 26, DePaola took to her Twitter account to respond to the comments made about her at the reunion, hitting back at Giudice with even more insults.

“@Teresa_Giudice you are the gutter rat!!!” DePaola wrote. “Keep bragging! Seems like you haven’t learned any lessons!!! Remember the TRUTH always comes out!!”

In another Tweet, the former star continued to take jabs at Giudice. “Back at you @teresagiudice who is calling who a sewer rat???” DePaola wrote. “Who went to jail and the way it looks, with all your bragging and company you keep!!! Seems you haven’t learned any lessons clink clink.”

DePaola has made appearances on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” throughout various seasons, her most recent appearance being on season eight. DePaola is the owner of Posche Boutique, which is where a lot of the drama happened between the ladies during the second season of the show.

DePaola Has Put out an Official Statement

On May 27, 2021, DePaola’s publicist, Cindy Plum, posted an official statement from the former RHONJ star on their Instagram page. “Teresa is in no position to be calling people names!” DePaola’s statement reads. “She should stop all her bragging! Unfortunately she has not learned her lesson !!!! I always stood behind everything I’ve said !!!! And as everyone has watched throughout the years, everything I have said was true !!”

DePaola’s statement continued, “Melissa can keep shaking her head ! We all know you and Teresa can’t stand each other !!!! Pleaseeeee… That was a ridiculous and ignorant thing for Teresa to say.. There will be a lot more truths coming out about the both of them !!!”

Melissa Gorga Stuck up for Her Sister-In-Law After DePaola Came Forward With Claims About Giudice’s Boyfriend

During an April 2021 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,Melissa Gorga stuck by her sister-in-law, Giudice, explaining that people shouldn’t believe what DePaola says about people. While appearing on the show, a fan asked Gorga, “My question for Melissa is what do you think of Kim D’s claims that Teresa’s new boyfriend has a history of cheating, that he left his new girlfriend for her, and that she finally met her narcissist match?”

In response, Gorga said, “I mean, listen, it’s coming from Kim D., that should say enough right there. She does always come with the tea, but she’s always said such crap on me forever that I listen to nothing Kim D. says.”

Season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is set to begin filming this summer.

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