Kyle Richards & Erika Girardi Got Into ‘Ugly Showdown’ Post-Reunion: Report

Getty Images Erika Jayne & Kyle Richards.

At least she’s being honest.

According to a new report, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Kyle Richards and Erika Girardi got into an “ugly showdown” after filming the season 11 reunion. Although the two have gotten along this season, Richards has questioned some of Girardi’s stories in her confessional interviews and hasn’t hesitated to share some thoughts about her costar’s legal scandal.

“Erika addressed her feelings towards Kyle at the reunion but left unhappy because she didn’t like the line of questioning,” a source revealed to The Sun on September 28, 2021. “After the reunion, the conversation continued off-camera with Erika pressing her to be honest about things she said. It was an ugly showdown between the pair.”

The source continued, explaining that Girardi became even more unhappy with Richards after Bethenny Frankel alleged on her podcast that she had told Richards about Girardi’s sketchy financials a few years ago, which resulted in multiple former ‘Housewives’ coming out and claiming that Richards had spread rumors about it to the cast members and Bravo stars.

“The conversation got ‘heated’ when Camille [Grammer] and Bethenny [Frankel] came out with their stories, and now things have reached a peak with Lisa Vanderpump telling her side,” the source continued. “Erika is annoyed but not surprised after seeing this build-up over the past few months, she feels Kyle is absolutely not to be trusted.”

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The Source Also Claimed Producers Want to Make the Fallout a Storyline Next Season

Even though Richards and Girardi might not be on the best terms, it might make some good TV for the rest of us. According to the same source, producers are looking to make their fallout a big storyline on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“Kyle isn’t happy with how Erika spoke to her at the reunion and afterwards, but is more upset with Lisa and Camille who she feels are making her look bad intentionally,” the source explained to The Sun. “Erika and Kyle’s fallout will be addressed in the next season and producers are looking to make it a big storyline.”

1 of Girardi’s Co-Stars Said She Was ‘Really Honest’ During the Reunion

It seems like a lot of questions around Girardi may be answered during the season 11 “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, as Garcelle Beauvais recently revealed in an interview with The Daily Mail that Girardi was “really honest” during the taping.

“She came to the reunion, it was long hours and a lot was divulged,” Beauvais told the outlet about Girardi. “Andy Cohen did not hold back. She was really honest and she really said a lot of things we wanted answers to but we were not sure she would divulge.”

Beauvais continued, “‘Erika was good, and she showed up, she did her best, which I think is pretty amazing considering what she has been through. She is not hiding.”

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