Controversial RHOBH Star Makes ‘Bold’ Comment About the Show’s Future

Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna

Getty Images A RHOBH star made a bold comment on social media.

Fans are reacting after a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star shared a post that indicated the show needs her. The comment was made by Lisa Rinna on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

“Sunday truths,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I’m like the LeBron James of housewives at this point. You can’t afford to lose me,” she added, tagging Michael Rapaport.

Rinna’s post comes on the heels of a crazy RHOBH season in which many fans are hoping is the soap star’s last. However, Rinna doesn’t seem to be ready to give up her diamond, and made it clear that she feels as though the show needs her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to Rinna’s Post on a Reddit Thread

Shortly after Rinna shared her post on her Instagram Stories, several RHOBH fans headed over to Reddit to share their thoughts and feelings on what she had to say.

“Girl bye. If they can get rid of Nene and LVP, both of who are legends, then her a** can be canned too,” one person wrote.

“Oh please! I’d rather watch Ramona s*** herself on loop over another season of Rinna being an insignificant arse hair,” someone else said.

“I’m sorry what. What has she even done this season aside from scream at Sutton and look like a complete idiot?” a third Redditor weighed in.

“It’s giving delusion,” a fourth added.

“Bold statement for a lack luster b****,” read another comment.

Rinna Has Played Coy About Her Future on RHOBH

While Rinna seems to be making it clear that her presence on RHOBH is necessary, she hasn’t said whether or not she plans to return for another season. Of course, it’s entirely possible that an offer from Bravo won’t be on the table, as each woman negotiates a contract ahead of each season.

During a chat with Interview magazine, Rinna was asked if she planned on returning for season 13. “We’ll see,” she responded, adding, “I don’t know.”

Rinna has been the villain on the current season of the show, a role that she seems more than okay playing. In fact, she reshared a post on her Instagram Stories that proved such.

“Hating Lisa Rinna for playing a shady villain is like hating the mailman for delivering your mail. It’s their f****** job you morons,” the post read.

There have been countless Reddit threads about Rinna’s place on the show and she’s getting very mixed reviews. While some people love her and want to see more, others are done with her and hope she doesn’t come back.

“Delusional. I’d love to see her gone. Byeeeee,” read a comment on the aforementioned thread about Rinna saying she’s the LeBron James of the franchise.

“I assume they will start filming the new season soon, and reunion is done, so we should know who has been given another contract soon would be my guess. Let’s hope rinna isn’t included,” someone else said.

There are a few more episodes of season 12 before the reunion airs, perhaps sometime in October 2022.

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