Lisa Rinna Responds After Andy Cohen Calls Her Out for RHOBH Feuds

Lisa Rinna

Bravo Lisa Rinna.

Lisa Rinna said she feels horrible about some of her past actions on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

On the final part of the RHOBH season 11 reunion, the “Days of Our Lives” alum was grilled about some of the drama she stirred up on the Bravo reality show over the years.

While reading a viewer question, host Andy Cohen asked Rinna why she went so hard on past co-stars Kim Richards, Yolanda Hadid, and Denise Richards,  yet there’s “crickets” when it comes to her pal Erika Jayne and headline-making legal troubles because she is dealing with “something serious.”

Here’s what went down after Cohen called Rinna out:

Rinna Expressed Regret For Accusations Against Her Co-Stars & Said She Has to Live With It

Fans have seen Rinna at the center of multiple feuds during her time on RHOBH. In season 10 of the show, she called Denise Richards “so angry” and didn’t have her back when talking about cease and desist letters following Brandi Glanville’s claims that she had an affair with the actress. Richards accused her of “playing dirty.”

Rinna has also talked about Kim Richards’ struggles with addiction and suggested that Yolanda Hadid had “Munchausen” syndrome – which is described as “a psychological disorder characterized by the intentional feigning, exaggeration, or induction of the symptoms of a disease or injury, per Merriam-Webster — when Yolanda Hadid was struggling with serious illness. In the new book Not All Diamonds and Rosé,” executive producer Chris Cullen claimed that Lisa Vanderpump “was pushing” for the word “Munchausen” to be used as Hadid suffered from Lyme disease symptoms, but it was Rinna who did the dirty work.

During the reunion, Rinna said she feels bad about her past behavior.

“I’m gonna say this — number one, I feel horrible about what happened with Yolanda,” she said. “I regret that. That was wrong. On every level, I’m really sorry that happened. I wish I could take that back. I feel horrible about that.”

In a flashback clip, Hadid was seen confronting Rinna for suggesting that she was making up her illness and described it as the biggest f***ing blow” of her life.

As for her past comments that Kim Richards “was near death” and “not in a good place” with her sobriety, Rinna replied, “I also feel that it wasn’t my place to do that. I hope in the end it helped in some way,  and I don’t feel good about that either in the long run.”

“And with Denise, I don’t like how that went down either,” Rinna added. “All these things I really have to be honest… I really don’t feel great about.”

Rinna also said she has to “live with” what she has done.

“I did them, it happened, they haunt me,” she said. “I think each and every one of them haunts me. When I think about those moments…I have to live with myself. I have to live with the consequences of my actions. If I could take it back and not go through those moments, to be honest, I would. I would take each and every one of them back.”

Some Fans Thought Rinna’s Response Wasn’t Sincere

In comments to the RHOBH reunion clip, several comments accused Rinna of deflecting and not being sincere.

“Damn, she danced around that question more than she does on Instagram,” one viewer wrote.

‘Wow her apologies don’t seem sincere at all,” another added.

“As Yolanda said, sorry is not enough, when you keep doing stuff like that over and over again. Rinna doesn’t mean her apologies,” a third viewer wrote.

“Lisa is the BH version of Ramona [Singer]. ‘Learning’ a lesson but never changing,” another added.

“Girl bye,” another chimed in. ”Next season she will find a new victim to apologize to at the reunion to stay relevant.”

“Cue in the violins, the fake apologies and the learning lessons. Until next season,” another RHOBH viewer predicted.

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1 year ago

It’s not a joke to be making fun of someone’s illness. What a horrible thing to say when you don’t know the struggle of the disease. Karma may come back to you.

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