Lisa Vanderpump Claps Back at Kyle Richards’ Claims

Lisa Vanderpump Kyle Richards

Getty Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump has fired back at former friend and co-star Kyle Richards.

Following RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley’s robbery, many housewives past and present flocked to her side either via text or in person to show their support.

One of those housewives was Vanderpump, who sent a text to Kemsley after the news broke. The only thing is, Kemsley claimed she never got that text while appearing on an episode of Watch What Happens Live on May 11.

Shortly after that, Vanderpump shared a screenshot of the text in question in order to “set the record straight.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kyle Richards Called Lisa Vanderpump ‘Crafty’ & Says She Believes Dorit Kemsley When She Says She Did Not Get a Text ‘Who Am I Inclined to Believe?’

Richards seems skeptical that the text was authentic.

“Let me say, she’s very crafty, so I don’t know,” Richards told Page Six at the 2022 NBCUniversal upfront on May 17.

“I mean, who am I inclined to believe? Obviously Dorit and PK,” she added.

Lisa Vanderpump Says She ‘Never Had to Play Games’ & Produced Phone to Prove Text to Paul Kemsley Was Real

While attending the Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s sixth annual World Dog Day on Saturday, May 28 Vanderpump addressed Richards’ comments.

“Oh, I hope I’m crafty! Crafty means you’re smart, right? I’ll take it as a compliment,” Vanderpump told Page Six. “But when it comes to this, no, this is honest. And no, I never had to play games. I didn’t need to.”

Vanderpump continued on saying, “I can prove that to you. Can I show it to you? I wouldn’t know how to doctor a text. All I know is I go to contacts, I go to his name, I press ‘message’ and there it is. It pops up.”

The outlet also reported having “watched as the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star unlocked her phone, went to PK’s contact and opened up the pair’s message history. The last text she sent was dated Oct. 30 — three days after the robbery — and it read, ‘I’m so sorry to hear what transpired glad that you’re all safe.'”

The outlet also reported seeing that the message was marked “delivered.”

Paul Kemsley Made a Joke of the Missing Text on Instagram ‘Have Bought in London’s Best Team to Help Me Locate the Text’

On May 15, Paul Kemsley, the husband of Dorit, posted a photo of two old fashioned detectives along with the caption “I have bought in London’s best team to help me locate the text that LVP apparently sent …. Will keep you all informed of their progress #rhobh”

Several fans were not happy with PK focusing too much on the missing text message.

“The way you guys are more worried about a text message from LVP than finding the real robbers,” someone wrote.

“It’s also possible that you have her blocked and therefore did not receive her text,” someone else pointed out.

“It’s such a shame to watch a friendship go up in flames,” another fan wrote.

“I like PK but this is just petty and disappointing,” a fan commented.

“Life’s to short for this drama,” someone wrote. “Can’t you all be nice to each other? It’s a waste of time. Forgive move on, be the bigger person. Embrace kindness. This is all a real shame.”

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Pamela Nekvinda
Pamela Nekvinda
6 months ago

Why didn’t Lisa send flowers to really have proof she cared or be even the better person & go see them in person to give her condolence boy that really would of been a headliner LVP went to see Dorit & Pk .

6 months ago

I guess it’s official PK never received this so called text! And who sends a text anyway. Don’t they get tired of back & forth? For a so called busy person LVP doesn’t miss a beat of the RHOBH. This is all so tasteless 😫

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