Is RHOSLC Jen Shah Getting a Divorce?

RHOSLC Jen Shah divorce

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah is opening up about her marriage.

Throughout the show’s premiere season, the Bravo star has been vulnerable about her relationship struggles with husband Sharrieff Shah, who is a football coach at the University of Utah. The couple share two sons together, Sharrieff Jr., 26, and Omar, 17.

Jen Shah previously dished during a confessional that her battle with depression almost lead to a divorce.

RHOSLC airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jen Shah Recalled the Moment She Hit ‘Rock Bottom’

During the December confessional, Jen Shah recounted her struggle with depression. The mother of two said her mental health hit “rock bottom” when her dad passed away about a year ago.

“After my dad passed away, I was lashing out at everybody around me,” the 47-year-old shared with the viewers. “I mean, it almost cost me my marriage.”

“He was done with me acting out,” she said of her husband. “It wasn’t until, you know, Sharrieff was like, ‘I’m leaving,’ that I was like, ‘Wait, hold on.’ That was my rock bottom.”

Jen Shah added that Sharrieff Shah’s busy schedule with recruiting also contributed to her loneliness.

“After my dad passed a year ago and with Sharrieff being gone all the time, I became very depressed,” she continued.

Jen Shah Says Medication Saved Her Marriage

Jen Shah during the confessional expressed her life changed for the better when she began taking medication for her mental health — despite her husband’s initial reluctance.

“I had to go on medicine for anxiety and depression,” she told the cameras. “But I was scared, though, to get on medication — like, it was a sign of weakness.”

Jen Shah indicated that Sharrieff Shah was at first against the idea of medication.

“Sharrieff was like, ‘No. You don’t need medication. You pray and you just get your mind right,'” the marketing CEO divulged. “And I was like, ‘Oh, OK. So that’s what we do in the Shah household.’”

However, it became apparent that Sharrieff Shah’s methods of coping were not working for the Bravo star, she revealed.

Their son, Sharrieff Jr., then intervened. The 26-year-old said he supported his mom going onto medication, Jen Shah explained.

“I was ashamed,” Jen Shah admitted during the confessional. “I didn’t want my kids to know about that. I didn’t want — I want to be, you know, Wonder Woman and supermom to them. I don’t want them to think that they have to take care of me.”

Jen Shah’s Marriage Hit a Breaking Point This Season During Her Husband’s Birthday Party

The Shahs’ marriage hit another breaking point this season when Jen Shah threw her husband a surprise birthday party in episode nine.

During the birthday bash, Jen Shah lashed out after costar Whitney Rose revealed that cast mates Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow were talking behind her back. In the following episode, Jen Shah said her husband was not speaking to her because he was disappointed in her behavior.

Toward the end of episode ten, the couple agreed to speak and sort through their differences.

Sharrieff Shah, who is sober, explained that he does not like how his wife acts when she is drunk. She responded by claiming that she drinks to cope with her loneliness.

“I try to support you coaching and everything, but I need you to be here more,” Jen Shah confessed. “I needed you here a long time ago, when dad passed away.”

“I’m so angry at you,” she continued. “I’m so angry and upset because you couldn’t even go to dad’s funeral.”

The football coach then apologized for his absence. He added that he never knew the reason why Jen Shah was “so mad at [me.]”

The two then reconciled, with Sharrieff Shah saying, “We can get better from here.”

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