Fans Unleash on Steve Lodge After Shading Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson

Getty Vicki Gunvalson

Fans went after the ex-fiance of former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Vicki Gunvalson after video.

On July 21, 2022, Steve Lodge posted a video on Instagram drinking a beer called “Vicky” after a sip he makes a face of disgust. In the caption he wrote, “here’s nothing worse than long lasting BITTERNESS….”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Didn’t Like That ‘Thirsty’ Steve Lodge Threw Shade at His Ex Vicki Gunvalson

Fans took to Reddit to blast her ex for shading her on Instagram.

“Who is Steve Lodge in dis world? he can go, his thirsty train took off a while ago,” someone wrote.

“I’d be pissed if my new husband was spending any effort to rag on an ex girlfriend,” a fan wrote alluding to the fact that Lodge is now married.

“The fact that his IG tag contains OC says everything about what a fame whore he is,” a fan pointed out. “Maybe don’t bite the hand that fed, housed, clothed and gave a modicum of fame to you.”

“Thirsty ? He’s dehydrated,” someone wrote. 

“why does vicki go for these losers,” a fan asked. 

“Listen here triple chin, I’m allowed to talk shit on Vicki all day long but YOU SIR, MAY NOT!” a fan wrote. Another fan agreed writing, “She may be an a******, but she’s OUR a******, Steve!”

“I feel oddly defensive for her. F*** you steve!” someone else commented.

“Vicki is hot pile of human garbage but NOBODY talks s*** about my fambly!!!” another fan said.

“Lols and we thought Vicki liked to play the victim,” someone said. “Steve wants to be oppressed and victimized SO BADLY.”

“Vicki is by far my least favorite human, but when this flavorless, chewed-up -gum looking man makes me want to defend Vicki, should tell you all you need to know!” a fan wrote.

Lodge’s Fans Laughed off the Insult to Gunvalson: ‘Wait Until She Sees This’

It wasn’t all pro-Gunvalson in the comments of Lodge’s posts though. Many of his followers loved the video and took the chance to shade Gunvalson too.

“You didn’t listen to us,” someone said.

“That’s hysterical! You dodged a bullet!” another fan wrote.

“Told you so,” someone said.

“Omgosh BAAAAAAAAAAA I had to look twice to see what this was all about! You’re hilarious,” a fan commented.

“It’s kinda mean but I laughed my face off,” someone wrote. Another fan said, “Oh the SHADEE. I love it.”

“Wait until she sees this,” a fan pointed out.

“Couldn’t see what the attraction was to her?? But That was not a match on heaven!! Lol,” a fan asked.

“Hahaha!!!!! So glad you dodged that bullet!!!! A life long relationship of bossy/petty/bitter attitude! You’re TOO GOOD for that,” another person wrote.

“Low blow, but probably accurate,” someone commented.

“That was savage!” a fan wrote.

The couple broke off their engagement in September 2021 after a five-year relationship. Gunvalson alluded to infidelity on Lodge’s part, which he denied, and cited their split as having taken place in December 2020.

Lodge married Janis Carlson, 37, in April 2022.

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