Who Died on the Season 3 Finale of ‘Star Trek: Discovery?’

Osyraa and Burnham pointing phaser rifles at each other

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The final episode of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery dropped overnight, and it took fans on quite a wild ride. Each of the Discovery crew members and their allies ended up in grave danger. It seemed like a few of them were headed for heroic, tear-jerking death scenes in “That Hope is You Part 2.”

Spoilers ahead.

At one point Tilly, Owo, Detmer, Rhys, and Bryce were all trapped on deck five, where life support had been disabled. Even as they gasped for air, sharing one emergency oxygen tank, they tried to override Osyraa’s control of the ship’s computer.

Burnham found herself in an epic, one-on-one battle with Osyraa. As they fought their way through the room that contained the data core, Osyraa caught Burnham and wrapped her hands around her neck. She slowly pushed Burnham into a column of programmable matter.

During a hand-to-hand battle with Zareh, it looked like Book might fall to his death. Later, as Book was attempting to jump the ship, which Aurellio theorized he could do because of his empathic abilities, it seemed like the effort might actually rip him apart.

However, there were only two major character deaths in the finale.


Zareh shooting a phaser rifle on Discovery

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Osyraa’s right-hand man played a huge part in the siege of Discovery and the final battle for control of the ship. However, when Burnham and Book escaped their grasp, Osyraa held Zareh personally responsible. He rounded up a team of Regulators, determined to find the two of them.

Zareh and the Regulators snuck through the ship, tracking Burnham and Book. When they finally found them, a major firefight ensued. Zareh hid behind the Regulators as Book and Burnham fired shot after shot. The conflict eventually left Burnham and Book pinned down in a turbolift. Burnham, who was making her way to data core to take back control of the main computer, told Book to take point. She looked out of the turbolift, calculated a landing point, and jumped onto a passing lift. Book was left in the turbolift to face Zareh and the Regulators.

Book took out several of the Regulators as they stormed the turbolift until he and Zareh were the only two left. The turbolift started to move through the ship, with its doors open, making the field of battle quite precarious. Book and Zareh traded punches for quite a while, then Zareh knocked Book to the ground.

As he stood over Book he asked, “Who do you think is going to make a bigger stain down there, you or that fat cat of yours?”

Of course, at the mention of Grudge, Book rallied all his remaining strength and threw Zareh off of him. They struggled for a moment before Book gained the advantage and tossed Zareh out the turbolift doors.

As Zareh plummeted to his death, Book yelled, “She’s a queen!” providing one of the only moments of comic relief in the episode.


Osyraa shooting a phaser rifle

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Early on in the episode, it seemed like evil might triumph over good. Though Osyraa was outnumbered, she had some tricks up her sleeve that could change the course of the fight. She had access to a pesticide that, when ignited, could have wiped out the fleet. To prevent her from using that, Burnham convinced Admiral Vance to let Osyraa leave with Discovery. Though it was clear Burnham had a plan to take back the ship, there weren’t any indications that it would actually work.

As the episode progressed, things started to look up. Burnham escaped Osyraa and the Regulators. She got herself out of a firefight with Zareh and the Regulators and made her way to data core. It seemed like she might be able to hack into the main computer and regain control.

However, Osyraa was one step ahead of her. When Burnham arrived at the room containing the data core, Osyraa was already there with several Regulators. Burnham quickly took out the Regulators and turned her attention to Osyraa. As they fired shots and insults at each other, the ship announced that a nacelle had been breached. The subsequent explosion knocked them both to the ground. They both leaped up, struggling over a single phaser rifle.

Though Burnham managed to take the phaser rifle, Osyraa seized Burnham’s neck with both hands. As they stood in front of a column of programmable matter, Burnham told Osyraa that things could be different, but Osyraa made it clear that she had no capacity left for mercy. She slowly pushed Burnham into the programmable matter, which engulfed her whole body.

As Osyraa walked away, assuming she’d finally killed Burnham, shots fired from inside the programmable matter. Burnham continued to fire as she fought her way out. She shot Osyraa several times and stepped over her dead body to get into the data core.

The Star Trek: Discovery delivered a great “good triumphs over evil” story. None of the core characters were killed off, though one of the DOT-23 Sphere Data robots had a close call. Reno managed to patch it up in the end. The only deaths were the two villains of the season.

In a move that feels true to the heart of Star Trek, the final episode left fans with a sincere promise of hope.

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