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It’s been a long time since fans saw Denise Crosby in an episode of Star Trek. The actress, who played both Tasha Yar and Yar’s daughter Sela in Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), was last seen in the TNG finale in 1994, reprising her role as Yar. Though she hasn’t been in an episode of Star Trek since then, Crosby is still deeply involved with the Star Trek family.

Recently, Crosby suggested that there is a plausible way for one of her characters to make an appearance on one of the Star Trek shows currently on the air, and the suggestion actually makes sense canonically.

Sela’s Story Continued Beyond TNG

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When Crosby exited TNG in its first season, she didn’t think that she’d be back again. However, when she got a call from the producers asking her to reprise Yar in an alternate timeline, she jumped at the opportunity.

Her storyline in the episode she came back for, “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” gave Crosby an idea for another episode. She pitched it to showrunner Rick Berman, and he ended up making an episode based on her idea. That’s how Sela, Yar’s half-Romulan half-human daughter, was created. Crosby came back to the TNG set to portray the character. She ended up playing Sela in three more episodes of the show.

When fans last saw Sela in the episode “Unification Part II,” she was orchestrating a Romulan plot to take over Vulcan. While Spock was facilitating peace talks between the Vulcans and the Romulans, Sela and her allies arranged an invasion. Though Sela’s plot was ruined, she swore that she would continue to fight for Romulan dominance over Vulcan.

Though Sela never returned to TNG, the character has made other appearances in the Star Trek universe. She appeared in the online game Star Trek Timelines and has a major storyline in the Star Trek Online (STO) massively multiplayer online game.

The timeline of Sela’s STO in-game storyline does match up with one Star Trek show currently on the air.

Sela on ‘Picard’?

On Thursday, Crosby tweeted at the official Twitter accounts for Star Trek and the CBS All Access Star Trek shows. In the simple tweet, she proposed that Sela could make an appearance in Picard. She also tagged the Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines official accounts, possibly hinting that her storylines in these games could hold the key to her appearance on Picard. Crosby voiced Sela in STO, so she’s been central to the character’s continued storyline.

Though Star Trek Online has its own canon that doesn’t always exactly match up with the shows, their canon is pretty close to official canon. In the case of Sela, there is a pretty easy way to work her story into the story created in Picard. The Romulans played a crucial role in Picard. They were responsible for the attack on Mars and the campaign against the synths, a storyline that also appeared in STO.

Though Sela’s story in STO never had her involved in the attack on Mars, she did become a preconsul a year before the attack. She lost that position in a conflict with the Tal Shiar a few years later, which would line up with the post-Mars attack Romulan politics discussed in Picard. During the year that Picard took place, Sela’s STO character was in exile in the Beta Quadrant. By 2403, three years after the events of Picard season one, Sela’s forces overthrew the leader of the Star Empire, and she became Praetor.

Most of Sela’s STO story happened after she became Empress in 2408. Not much is said about her years in exile. So, it’s entirely possible that Sela could play a role in the events of the second season of Picard.

At the end of season one, the relationship between the Romulans and the Federation was rocky, to say the least. The Romulan’s role in the attack on Mars was made public as was their involvement in a plan to manipulate Soji into fulfilling the events predicted by the Zhat Vash. The struggle with the Romulans is likely to play a role in season two as well, which leaves a big opening for Sela to return.

The writers could easily make her part of the plot to attack Mars since she was a preconsul at the time according to her STO storyline. They could work in her banishment as part of the fallout from the attack. Her return could be part of a revenge plot against the Tal Shiar or yet another plot against the Federation to redeem herself from exile.

Though no plans to bring Crosby’s character to Picard have yet been revealed, there’s certainly a story there if the showrunners want to take that route. Obviously, Crosby is all for reprising the role onscreen.

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