Has ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Finished Production?

Screenshot from the "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 trailer

YouTube Screenshot from the "Star Trek: Discovery" season 4 trailer

Season four of “Star Trek: Discovery” has been in production since November of 2020. Like every other television show, “Discovery” faced production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. When they returned to set in November, the cast and crew had to significantly adjust the way they filmed to keep everyone safe.

Though production has been plugging along for several months, the pandemic has caused some additional delays. In March, the team behind “Discovery” extended the filming schedule by a few months. Production was supposed to wrap in June, but it was extended to September.

In April, “Discovery” had to shut down production for two weeks. One of the behind-the-scenes people who worked closely with the core cast was exposed to Covid. Though the exposure didn’t happen on set and the person didn’t return to set, the team shut down production just to be safe.

Further updates didn’t come until the second week in June, right around when production was originally supposed to end. In two recent interviews, co-showrunner Michelle Paradise and a few of the cast members dropped some new details about how production is going and when the fourth season will release.

Filming is Still Ongoing

The OutFronts – Star Trek: DiscoveryWe're going live with the cast and creators of Star Trek: Discovery, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Rapp, Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander, Tig Notaro, and Co-Showrunner/EP Michelle Paradise. Star Trek: Discovery’s LGBTQ representation has gone warp speed ahead of any previous iteration in the franchise, introducing genre fans to the queer coupledom of Lt. Commander Paul…2021-06-05T15:50:23Z

Paradise and a few of the “Discovery” cast members recently participated in a panel for OutFest, an organization that focuses on LGBTQ+ representation in media. They talked at length about the LGBTQ+ visibility in “Discovery” and how the show strives to create authentic queer characters.

Toward the end of the panel, Paradise revealed that she and the crew were “eyeballs deep in editing.” She commented that it was “an absolute treat” to watch the actors bring queer stories to life onscreen. 

Tig Notaro, who plays engineer Jett Reno, jumped in to say that she hasn’t even filmed her scenes for the show yet. Notaro said that she’ll be doing all her filming in just two weeks. In a previous interview, she revealed that as a breast cancer survivor, she’s been seriously limiting her time on sets during the pandemic. It sounds like the “Discovery” team made some adjustments to the filming schedule to ensure that Notaro didn’t have to be onset for an extended period of time.

In another recent interview with GoldDerby, Paradise gave some more specific details.

“I don’t want to give away how far along we were in shooting. Our finale is written. We are in the midst of shooting things. We’re in the midst of editing things. We have some cuts that are picture locked. We’re doing VFX.”

So, the crew is hard at work on editing the footage they’ve already shot. On a TV show like “Discovery,” the editing process happens for earlier episodes while later episodes are still filming. So, they may have a few episodes completed by now.

Paradise and Notaro’s comments make it clear that they still have plenty of filming to do.

When Will Season 4 Release?

Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Teaser | Paramount+The new season of "Star Trek: Discovery" coming late 2021, exclusively on Paramount+. Paramount+ Now Streaming. Try It Free bit.ly/3sVEM8Z Follow Star Trek on Paramount+ for the latest news: Facebook: facebook.com/StarTrekOnPPlus Twitter: twitter.com/StarTrekOnPPlus Instagram: instagram.com/startrekonpplus Follow Paramount+ for the latest news: Facebook: facebook.com/ParamountPlus Twitter: twitter.com/paramountplus Instagram: instagram.com/paramountplus2021-04-05T20:54:13Z

During the GoldDerby interview, one of the hosts asked Paradise when fans can expect to see the first episodes of season four. Paradise responded that she wasn’t really sure about an air date. She went on to say that the trailer for the fourth season said it would release in 2021, “so we’ll go with that.”

In spite of all the production delays caused by the pandemic, Paramount+ has been adamant that “Discovery” will still premiere by the end of the year.

When the hosts begged Paradise for some hints about season four, she joked that the entire season would be a “Klingon opera.” She quickly clarified that there will be no Klingon theatrical performances in season four. Paradise also promised that the crew would not jump any further into the future. She said that the real focus of season four is the relationships between the characters.

So, there’s still a ways to go for production on season four. However, that shouldn’t keep the season from premiering by the end of the year.

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