Joanne Linville Known for ‘The Enterprise Incident,’ Dead at 93

Joanne Linville

Screengrab from CBS Joanne Linville

Joanne Linville, known to fans of “Star Trek” as the Romulan Commander of the TOS episode, “The Enterprise Incident,” has died. According to Deadline, she was 93 and no cause of death was given.

The episode of “Star Trek” in which Linville appeared aired on Sept. 27, 1968. She proved to be both a match for Leonard Nimoy’s Spock in both intellect and as his sexual rival. Her role on the show rocketed her to Trek icon fixture among fans.

“The Enterprise Incident”

Star Trek – Stolen Romulan Cloaking DeviceFrom The Episode "The Enterprise Incident" Description from IMDB – The rights to Star Trek: TOS are held by CBS2016-11-20T04:11:15Z

Host of the “Inglorious Trexperts” podcast and showrunner of The CW’s “Pandora,” Mark A. Altman, paid his respects to Linville on Twitter.

Linville’s daughter, Amy Rydell, would later reprise the role of the Romulan Commander for the fan-produced Trek series “Star Trek Continues.”

Linville’s career spanned from the early 1950s to 2016, where she appeared in dozens of films and many notable television shows. 

Aside from “Star Trek,” Linville’s other most remembered role may be when she on the original “Twilight Zone” in “The Passerby.” 

Linville in “The Twilight Zone”

Twilight Zone – NostalgiaFeatured song, 'Black is the color of my true love's hair' (From the episode, The Passersby')2020-11-08T18:19:49Z

A prolific actress, Linville worked on “Gunsmoke,” “I Spy,” “Bonanza,” and “Hawaii Five-O” and many others.

In 1985, Linville and Irene Gilbert founded the Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre, which operates to this day. The school, located in Los Angeles, boasts a number of famous alumni, including Robert DeNiro, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, Eric Stoltz, and Mark Ruffalo.

It was of Ruffalo that Linville said she mentored personally. Fans know Ruffalo today for his role of Bruce Banner / Hulk in the Marvel franchise. 

Linville on Mark Ruffalo

Joanne Linville on Mark RuffaloJoanne Linville recounts a time when Mark Ruffalo was her student, and the both of them performed for Stella Adler herself.2009-05-03T23:26:10Z

In 2011, she published “Joanne Linville’s Seven Steps to an Acting Craft,” a guidebook for those who wanted to join the ranks of the very best actors. 

“Joanne does not theorize about great acting,” said Ruffalo of the book. “She is great acting. In her book she has distilled years of experience drawn from the classroom, stage, film and television.”

According to Variety, Linville had been married to Mark Rydell from 1962 until their divorce in 1973. Rydell was also in show business. Linville had two children, Amy and Christopher.

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