Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming ‘Voyager’ Documentary

Screenshot from The Star Trek Voyager Documentary announcement video

YouTube Screenshot from The Star Trek Voyager Documentary announcement video

On March 1st, Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill in conjunction with 455 Films, launched the first crowdfunding campaign for The Star Trek Voyager Documentary. 455 Films, the studio behind previous Star Trek documentaries like What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Doc and For the Love of Spock, announced that they would be starting production on a Voyager documentary back in February 2020.

The crowdfunding campaign aimed to raise $150,000 to fund the next stages of production on the film. They also set a series of fundraising stretch goals that would allow the project to expand in scope.

The Campaign Went Straight to Warp

Within 24 hours of launching the campaign, the project had raised over $455,000. Not only is this more than double their initial fundraising goal, but it’s also almost enough for the project to hit all of its funding stretch goals. As of 11 a.m. on Tuesday, they’d already raised an additional $19,539, bringing their total to over $474,000.

With the extra funding, the team at 455 Films will have the capability to refine the graphics work on the movie, film the Voyager cast reunion set to take place in November, and extend the documentary to 90 minutes. If the crowdfunding campaign hits $500,000, which is certainly not out of the question, the movie will get a completely original score.

Though fans were probably happy to support the documentary out of love for the show, the Voyager Documentary team is offering some amazing perks that have likely driven donations.

For as little as $15, fans can get cool behind-the-scenes access to the documentary team. They’ll be added to an exclusive donors group where the team will give special updates and they’ll be given a donor-only preview of the documentary as well as a behind-the-scenes book put together by the team. Donors who have a little more cash to drop can get can memorabilia perks like Voyager pins, T-shirts, and a replica of Captain Janeway’s favorite coffee mug.

At the higher donation levels, fans can get direct access to the production team and Star Trek stars. Zoom chats with some of the Star Trek stars start at $100 and go up to $150 depending on the celebrities.

The fans who have a ton of disposable income can buy their way into in-person hangouts with Star Trek actors, once it’s safe, of course. Starting at the $1,000 donation level, fans get access to “Away Missions” that offer experiences like a tour of the Griffith Observatory with Tim Russ and Wang, a tour of the location used for Starfleet Academy with multiple Star Trek actors, and lunch with select Star Trek stars.

The Voyager Documentary’s Long Road to Production

In March of 2020, the 455 Films crew began shooting footage for the documentary on the Star Trek Cruise. Shortly after that, production was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. News of the Voyager documentary was sparse for a while.

Then in July of 2020, David Zappone, the producer of the doc, tweeted that he’d spoken with “two of Voyager’s best actors,” and that production would begin again soon. Less than a month later, Zappone announced that filming on the Voyager Documentary had resumed.

A few months later, Zappone assured fans that interviews were underway for the documentary and asked them for suggestions about content they wanted in the film. A few days later, he updated fans on a production meeting for the movie, saying that he believed it would be “our best one yet.”

On January 1st of this year, a video featuring Wang announcing the crowdfunding campaign was released at Virtual Trek Con. Since then Wang, and his IRL best friend McNeill, have been promoting the crowdfunding campaign on social media and their podcast, The Delta Flyers.

Though it took a while for The Star Trek Voyager Documentary to get off the ground, the project is now hurtling forward at high warp. Hopefully, fans will be able to see the finished product by the end of 2021.

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