Temuera Morrison Teases Details from Filming ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

Temuera Morrison

Lucasfilm Temuera Morrison on The Mandalorian.

Temuera Morrison, who portrays Boba Fett in Star Wars — most recently on The Mandalorian — spoke with a New Zealand news program while he was still filming The Book of Boba Fett. He revealed a few interesting behind-the-scenes stories for the news show.

He Was Filming in Los Angeles & Talked About the Strict COVID-19 Procedures

Morrison spoke with news reporters from The Project NZ while they were on lockdown and he was still filming for The Book of Boba Fett in Los Angeles in mid-February. In his interview, he revealed just how strict they were taking COVID-19 precautions.

“I’m in Los Angeles … we’re working with shields, masks, rapid tests every three days, normal tests once a week,” he said. “It’s a different way of working now but we’re still getting through some stuff. So yeah, it’s a different world now.”

He said he sometimes felt extra important because when he walks on set, everyone has to put on their face shields or masks.

“Things are still being made,” he said when he was asked if it was hard to work under stricter conditions. “You just have to go to work a little bit earlier. They take your temperature, they give you a band so you can stay on set… I’m one of the blessed ones. They come to my trailer to get my COVID test. So we’re still filming. When I walk on set, people are told to put their masks down. I kinda feel like Mr. Big Shot. They go, ‘Actor on set!’ And everyone’s got to put their shield down. So yes, it’s a bit of a procedure. … Then when I leave… Everyone’s got zones. A Zone, Red Zone, Green Zone. It’s a bit different but things are still being shot and being done.”

He Gave the Interview from His Gym, Where He’s Still Training on Stick Fighting & Boxing

He told them that he was speaking from his gym and still had to work out a lot to stay in shape for his roles.

“I’m Mr. Action Man here,” he said, showing the gym where he works out and stays in shape for his roles. His gym includes weapons for boxing and practicing stick fighting, he shared.

“I’m working on The Book of Boba,” he answered when asked what he was working on at that moment. “Keep it quiet though. I can’t tell anybody.”

Fans have wondered if all his training while nearing the end of filming might mean that he’s also training for other roles, maybe for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series filming next. Although Morrison hasn’t revealed if he’s going to be in the series, fans hope he will be.

There have also been rumors that Commander Cody might return to Star Wars in some form too. An Instagram post from January showed Morrison growing out a grey beard, which sparked a theory that he might be in the Kenobi series too. If he were in the Kenobi series, he couldn’t be portraying Boba Fett with his beard, which might leave room for an appearance as Commander Cody instead.

However, Morrison’s New Zealand interview was posted about a month after the Instagram post above, and he didn’t have the grey beard anymore.

Then he showed his T-shirt, which reads: “Boba Fret and the Strumtroopers.” He said he was starting up a new band.

“Me and (director) Robert Rodriguez,” he joked. “…We’re practicing Billy Idol songs today. Oh my god.”

The Book of Boba Fett is premiering on Disney Plus in December 2021. After the series finishes production, Season 3 of The Mandalorian will begin production, Jon Favreau said.

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