Super Potty Trainer on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Super Potty Trainer shark Tank


Entrepreneurs Judy Abrahams and business partner Chris Guerrera took their company, Super Potty Trainer, and their products, to the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to see if they could get one of the investors to invest in the company.

According to the episode synopsis, “A pair of entrepreneurs from San Andres, Colombia, and Simpsonville, South Carolina, respectively, introduce their genius tool that helps parents easily conquer potty training.”

The entrepreneurs were able to pitch their product to Sharks Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John.

Here’s what you should know about Super Potty Trainer on “Shark Tank”:

1. The Super Potty Trainer Was Invented by a Mother

According to the company website, the Super Potty Trainer was invented by Judy Abrahams because her child was scared of falling into the toilet.

The product includes back support that allows the child to sit on the toilet without fear of falling in, and it’s also adjustable to fit the size of the child.

“With its non-skid high-density silicone pads and the weight of the child, the Super Potty Trainer will not move, defeating the fear of falling in the toilet,” the Super Potty Trainer website reads.

2. The Product Aims to Fight Constipation

Because children may be afraid of falling into the toilet due to different methods of potty training, the Super Potty Trainer’s website claims that they sometimes suffer constipation, which is a serious condition.

“The Super Potty Trainer was precisely invented for a severely constipated child who refused to use any of the traditional products,” the website reads.

The site also says the experience will be less traumatic for the children because they will be less afraid to use the toilet.

3. Abrahams Quit Her Job to Work on the Product

According to an interview with WCVB5, Abrahams quit her job as a paralegal because her daughter was so scared to use the bathroom and she wanted to come up with a solution.

She told the website that it’s easy to install and only requires lifting the toilet lid, placing it in position on the rim and that’s it. The product gave her daughter everything she needed for potty training.

“When I took this product to parents and to children, the kids themselves viewed this like a toy. Literally,” Abraham’s business partner Christopher Guerrera told WCVB.

4. Abrahams Hopes The Product Helps Children

In a separate interview with WMUR, Abrahams shared that she hopes the Super Potty Trainer helps more children.

“I’m really proud that I invented this product,” she shared. “I’m sure it’s going to help more kids. When I showed this to children, they looked at it like it was a toy and it just resonated. Now they are going to their parents, it’s solving a real problem.”

The reviews that are featured on the Super Potty Trainer website echo that sentiment, with many of the reviews being five stars.

5. The Super Potty Trainer Is Available For Purchase Online

At the time of writing, the Super Potty Trainer is available to purchase online from the company’s website. The product is sold for $19.88 and includes free shipping.

According to the description, the trainer allows real training on a real potty and works best with flat toilet seats.

Tune in to “Shark Tank” to see if Abrahams and Guerrera can get a deal from one of the Sharks.

The May 21, 2021 episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank” is the season finale. The show will return on Fridays in the fall.

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