‘Survivor’s’ Boston Rob Reveals If He Would Return A 6th Time

Amber Brkich Mariano and 'Boston' Rob Mariano at the premiere of 'Survivor: Winners at War'

CBS Amber Brkich Mariano and 'Boston' Rob Mariano at the premiere of "Survivor: Winners at War."

Boston Rob Mariano has played “Survivor” five times (plus one time acting as a mentor). So, would he ever play again? He addressed that on a recent episode of the “Surviving Snyder” podcast and the answer may surprise you. Read on for what he said and how he also thought he was done with the show after “All-Stars.”

Boston Rob Feels Like He Is Done With ‘Survivor’

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On a recent episode of the “Surviving Snyder” podcast, “Entertainment Weekly’s” “Survivor” expert Dalton Ross asked Mariano if “Winners at War” was his swan song.

“I know you said you were done after ‘Winners at War,’ it’s a natural place for your ‘Survivor’ journey to end, season 40, all winners. Are you still feeling the same way?” asked Ross.

“I feel that way, dude,” said Mariano, then he went on to say that he actually felt like he was done with “Survivor” after “Redemption Island” because all he wanted to do was win the game.

“I felt that way after I won Redemption Island, truthfully. … ‘Redemption Island’ happened and after that, that was it. That was all I ever wanted, was to win,” said Mariano.

But “Winners at War” was a special experience because Mariano got to play the game with his wife, Amber Brkich Mariano, whom he met on “Survivor,” and they got to have their four daughters come to the island, so it really brought things full circle — and Mariano said it was by far the best part of his entire “Survivor” experience.

“That was by far, out of all the seasons, out of all the things — winning the show, meeting my wife, everything — having those kids come out there, that was the best,” said Mariano. “It just felt like everything had come full circle. I owe a lot to the show. … I was a 25-year-old kid when I first went out there, I’m 45 now, it’s been amazing. But to have them out there and actually experience it and know my relationship was born out of it, my family was born because of the show and here they are. It was just probably the best gift I could have ever got.”

Boston Rob Was Actually Shocked to Get Asked Back to the Show After ‘All-Stars’

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Mariano also revealed that “All-Stars” was such a big season for him, plus he and Amber were so hated by the rest of the cast that they had to be smuggled out of Panama, he was shocked he got asked back to “Heroes vs. Villains.”

“I was shocked when they called me back for ‘Heroes and Villains.’ I never expected in a million years after ‘All-Stars’ that I would ever play again,” said Mariano.

“But I was like OK, here’s a unique opportunity to go out there again. I haven’t won, I really want to win (at the time). Amber would always tell me who the winner was in my own house,” he said with a laugh — Amber famously beat him in the final two for “All-Stars.”

Then he did “Heroes and Villains” and at the finale for that, show creator Mark Burnett asked him if he was done and Mariano again wasn’t sure and he ended up coming back out for “Redemption Island.”

But now, it sounds like the Mariano family is done with “Survivor” — at least until one of his kids is old enough to try out. Rob and Amber’s oldest, Lucia, can submit an application in four years.

When asked in a March 2021 interview on The Morning Show whether his daughters would ever go on “Survivor,” Mariano said they’re “already in training.”

They have me set up obstacle courses for them in the backyard. We watch the show, we’re fans of the show when we’re not on it and they love it. They’re still a little bit young, but if it gets to that point, someday — they have two great teachers in my wife and myself. I’d love nothing more for them to have that adventure as well,” said Mariano.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season on Wednesday, September 22. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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