‘Survivor 42’: Drea Wheeler Reveals the Truth Behind Her Final Words

Drea Wheeler Survivor 42

YouTube Drea Wheeler waves goodbye to her tribemates in "Survivor 42" episode 11.

Episode 11 of “Survivor 42” ended with perhaps one of the most memorable exits of all time: after being voted out, Drea Wheeler proceeded to jostle with her now-former tribemates, culminating in her delivering some parting words to each of the six remaining contestants.

Now that the game is all over and done with, Drea has revealed the truth behind those words, and what her ouster means for those left in the game.

Here’s what you need to know:

Drea: Parting Words Were ‘100% Strategy’

Survivor 42 episode 11 Tribal Council

YouTubeDrea Wheeler delivers some final words to each of the six remaining contestants of “Survivor 42” after she is voted out in episode 11.

At the conclusion of last night’s episode, Drea threw a few noteworthy comments out there: she revealed that Omar Zaheer, her fellow Canadian, was the only person with whom she discussed her Knowledge Is Power advantage, told Lindsay Dolashewich that she was rooting for her (adding, “you know why”), told Romeo Escobar that he has been on the chopping block every time, that Mike Turner would “probably win” if he made it to the end, and to Maryanne: “keep being you, babe.”

In her exit interview with EW, Drea revealed that these parting words were done very much intentionally, either to fire up other players or basically stir up drama. “I felt like they were all just like playing kumbaya,” Drea told the outlet, “like they were all at camp liking each other. So [I] was just like, ‘come on’!”

Going into specifics, Drea added that she said what she said to Lindsay because she wanted the others to know that “she has something and you should probably figure out what she has,” referring to her Advantage Amulet, which is now a full idol, and can only be used next episode by Lindsay. (In her Rob Has a Podcast exit interview, she added that Lindsay was “the one person who told me that Mike was putting my name out there.”)

As for Mike, unlike Shan Smith last season, who told her ally Ricard Foyé right after he blindsided her that he “[has] my vote for $1 million” – and accidentally put a target on his back – Drea was very intentional with her words. “Mike is playing a social game, but if he makes it to the end, he could be a likable person,” she explained. “Or maybe you’re smart enough to get rid of him now.”

With Omar, she wanted the others to know that “what he’s telling you is probably a lie. So listen to that.” As for Romeo, her old Ika ally, she wanted him to “start playing,” given that he was “always the decoy.”

“I love Romeo,” she explained, “but Romeo was just fading at the end. And I was just like, “Your name is always out there. Get out there, start making moves, Romeo, because eventually someone’s actually gonna put your name down and you might be gone’.”

“And then Maryanne was just Maryanne,” she added.

Drea Knew She Was Going Home

In her exit interview with Rob Cesternino, Drea also spoke about the fact that she knew once Lindsay won the “Do or Die” twist that it would almost certainly be her name coming up, especially once Mike avoided her Hail Mary with the Knowledge Is Power advantage.

When asked by Cesternino if she knew she was leaving, she replied, “100%. My name was out there pretty much every Tribal, and I would just maneuver out of it someway, somehow. I knew that if Lindsay was safe, it was me, 100%.”

Of course, it was largely because of the actions of Omar – who Hai Giang revealed last week was in a secret final 3 deal with himself and Drea before Hai was blindsided. In the podcast, Drea confirmed that she was “closer with Omar” than what the audience saw, largely due to personal bond they formed. However, she said, “Clearly I trusted him more than he trusted me.” It remains to be seen whether Omar’s duplicitous strategy will soon turn against him. 

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Two more episodes of the show remain. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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