Lindsay Dolashewich Reveals What Made Her Change Her Jury Vote to Maryanne

Lindsay Dolashewich

YouTube Lindsay Dolashewich at the "Survivor 42" Final Tribal Council.

On Wednesday, 23-year-old Maryanne Oketch became the winner of “Survivor 42,” beating out co-finalists Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar in a landslide 7-1-0 vote. Largely regarded as an underdog throughout the majority of the game, Maryanne took control at the final 6 when she orchestrated the blindside of her ally Omar Zaheer, followed by the heartbreaking elimination of another former Taku member, Lindsay Dolashewich, the following Tribal.

Since the finale, Lindsay has spoken out about why she switched her jury vote to Maryanne after coming into the Final Tribal leaning for Mike, and also revealed a secret interaction that took place between her and Maryanne before the former’s elimination.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay Reveals Maryanne Almost Didn’t Reveal Her Idol

In her exit interview with Rob Cesternino, Lindsay took the time to elaborate on her feelings as a jury member after getting voted out, saying that she was originally leaning more toward Mike, who she revealed she was actually “extremely close” with, despite that being left out of the edit.

“It was difficult in general to decide,” Lindsay said of her decision as a jury member. “I went in slightly feeling a little bit more strong towards Mike … [because] I knew a little bit more of Mike’s gameplay than Maryanne’s at the time.”

Ultimately, however, it was Maryanne’s stellar performance as a finalist which changed her mind. “Maryanne knew to explain her game, have a strong answer, prove herself, and stand strong,” Lindsay explained of Maryanne’s winning performance. “And she did exactly that. She really showed how socially aware she was of everyone, and when it comes to ‘Survivor’ strategy, she’s so impressive, so I wanted to see all that knowledge she had and how she utilized it.”

Lindsay even revealed that at one point, the deliberation phrase had gone on so long that host Jeff Probst had to tell the jury to wrap it up. Lindsay, however, was not ready to decide, so she pushed back. “I was like, ‘I don’t really think I’m ready. Are you guys ready’?” she said. “And no one was really ready. And I was like, ‘We need more time’.” It was only after this point, Lindsay revealed, that Maryanne revealed her immunity idol to the jury. “We we like, ‘Oh! Why’d you wait so long to show us this’?” Lindsay said, describing that moment as “a huge turning point.”

Maryanne was “extremely impressive,” Lindsay said. “I love her, she’s awesome.”

Lindsay Reveals What Maryanne Told Her Before Her Elimination

Lindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch

YouTubeLindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch in the “Survivor 42” finale.

When asked by Cesternino if Maryanne revealing that she could have saved Lindsay at 5 via the idol influenced her vote at all or made her upset, Lindsay said that it did not, and even revealed that Maryanne told Lindsay before the Tribal Council at which she was eliminated that she couldn’t keep her around, despite her personal feelings.

“Before we went to Tribal,” Lindsay explained, “[Maryanne] said to me, ‘I’m so sorry, but I can’t take you. Like, I want to so badly but I will not win.’ And she was crying, and I knew how honest she was. She’s just such a great person and we became so close out there … that I very much respected her just saying that to me and being honest.” As a result, Lindsay was all but certain after that that she would be the next one to go.

In the end, Lindsay said, “I was very happy for her. No regrets on that whatsoever.” It’s no surprised she took it kindly, given the million-dollar vote she cast for her only two days later; in the months since, the two have continued to maintain their bond, with Maryanne even publicly thanking her for “being a sister, a role model … and never wavering in your convictions.”

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