‘Survivor’ Fans Think This Player Is ‘The First Actual Hero’ in a Long Time

Erika Casupanan, Deshawn Radden, Heather Aldret, Naseer Muttalif, Sydney Segal and Danny McCray on 'Survivor'

CBS Erika Casupanan, Deshawn Radden, Heather Aldret, Naseer Muttalif, Sydney Segal and Danny McCray on 'Survivor'

“Survivor” fans on Reddit are cracking up over one castaway “carrying this season on his back” — congrats to Naseer Muttalif for winning the fans over with his earnestness and heroic qualities. Some are saying he’s the “first actual hero” this show has seen in a while.

Fans Wonder if Naseer’s Back Is OK After Carrying the Season so Far

Sure, Shantel Smith has been making some pretty dastardly moves on “Survivor 41,” but it is Naseer Muttalif that has fans all a-flutter with his gameplay. There are several memes circulating on social media wondering if his back is OK after carrying the season.

“BREAKING: Naseer Muttalif has been hospitalized for severe back pain caused by him carrying this season of #Survivor on his back. wishing him a speedy recovery,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

On Reddit, someone wrote, “You think Naseer is OK? I think he might have some pain from carrying this season on his back.”

A lot of this is in response to the October 20 episode where Naseer seamlessly activated the triple hidden immunity idol by saying his secret phrase oh-so-nonchalantly at the immunity challenge, then the editors cut back to him finding the third one.

Naseer’s joy was so pure and delightful, plus he shared a story of how he practiced finding idols by having his daughter hide them in the backyard. People were also very excited about his refusal to throw an immunity challenge and then basically winning them on his own twice in a row.

“I hope Naseer wins. He knows how to make fire, throws himself into every challenge and tries to honor the game by refusing to throw it. He’s the mf GOAT fr,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

In another thread, someone wrote, “Ain’t nobody throwing a challenge with him on their team!”

A Fan Called Naseer the ‘First Actual Hero in a While’

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In one Reddit thread, a fan suggested that “heroes are becoming less and less of a thing” on “Survivor” as the game becomes “more game-botty.”

The fan wrote, “Naseer is just so pure and lovely, and has heroic traits (keeping the tribe strong, touching story, likable personality). That is Naseer!”

In another Reddit thread, one fan wrote that Naseer “melted my heart” and that “everything about [him] his wonderful.”

“He has so much enthusiasm and is genuinely so happy to be there! Love him!” wrote the fan, to which someone responded, “It’s honestly so nice when you have a genuine superfan living out their dream without being a game bot.”

Fans are a little worried that if Naseer isn’t strong in individual immunity challenges that he will be a huge target once the tribes merge and they may be right, but we wonder if what’s left of the Yase and Ua tribes will go after perceived stronger players first, like Danny McCray or Deshawn Radden. Naseer might be able to fly under the radar a bit with the two of them still in the game. We’re excited to see how it plays out!

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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