‘Teen Mom’ Fans Mock Amber Portwood’s Psychologist

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" fans said they were "confused" when they saw the sign for Amber Portwood's psychologist on the November 16, 2021, episode.

“Teen Mom OG” fans said they were “confused” when they saw the sign for Amber Portwood’s psychologist on the November 16, 2021, episode.

Portwood, 31, is a patient of Dr. Ronald Stachler, who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, according to the sign in front of his office and on LinkedIn. Dr. Stachler has more than 20 years of experience and received his medical degree from Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine, per U.S. News.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly picked up that Dr. Stachler specializes in children and adolescents. “This explains a lot,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Why is Amber seeing a CHILD & ADOLESCENT psychiatrist when she’s a grown woman?!?! We all knew Amber needed a different doctor and this is why.”

“I’m also confused as to why she goes to a child / adolescent therapist,” another viewer wrote via Reddit. “I feel like I don’t know or understand her full situation but I feel a therapist should be helping you move forward. I’m not sure how qualified this person is to do that.”

“I know we’ve all speculated that Amber goes to a child therapist because she wanted a yes man but why would he accept her as a patient and be able to counsel her in parenting when his expertise is supposed to be with kids?” a third person agreed.

Gary Shirley Agreed to Go to Therapy With Portwood

Although Gary Shirley — the father of Portwood’s 13-year-old daughter, Leah — was hesitant to seek counseling in the past, the “Teen Mom OG” dad had a change of heart. He told Portwood he talked to a parenting coach and would like to speak to her therapist, too.

“I figure if I can at least do my part, which is understanding what you’re going through as far as your mental state of mind,” he told her on the November 16, 2021, episode of “Teen Mom OG.”

Portwood suffers from bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, The Sun noted.

The “Teen Mom OG” star didn’t talk about her diagnoses, but reminded Shirley she has many “mental illnesses,” but she “tries her best to even get off this couch and do school.”

“Trying to have a relationship with Leah and it’s hard… I’ve accepted it,” Portwood continued. “But what I haven’t been able to accept that my medication — no matter what and no matter how much I take of it — will never fully keep me like you.”

Shirley’s Wife Said She Was Being Put on the ‘Backburner’

The November 16, 2021, episode of “Teen Mom OG” started out with Shirley telling his wife, Kristina Anderson, that he wanted to go to treatment with his ex.

“Once again, I get put on the backburner,” Anderson said.

Portwood and Anderson had a falling out in March 2021 after Portwood called Shirley’s wife a “homewrecker” and a “whore” on Instagram live, though they’ve since made amends.

“If you think it’s gonna help… I’m not gonna stop you from going, “Anderson added.

She asked if they would discuss how to co-parent Leah during the appointment.

“I’m going to assume he’s going to talk to me about some of her issues that she’s got going on — that way maybe I don’t hold things against her — where I get a little insight into her,” Shirley explained.

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