Briana DeJesus’ Ex Slams MTV After She Threatens To Quit

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus isn't the only one who has a problem with MTV.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus isn’t the only one who has a problem with MTV. Ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin also slammed the network after Briana threatened to quit after she accused MTV of ruining her furniture. She was also reportedly unhappy about her new boyfriend, Florida tattoo artist Javier Gonzalez, having to undergo COVID-19 testing, according to a report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Devoin–who shares 9-year-old daughter Nova with Briana–agreed with his ex. “Lemme just say. MTV alters the reality of MY life. And refuses to reasonably compensate ME for it. Like nothing is normal when they are involved,” he wrote on his Instagram story on October 6.

“Ion think this show understand the depths of ima be the same [N-word] financially I am today, but yet a lot more at peace with or without them bc they don’t pay me enough,” he tweeted. “So they better figure out what’s more important or what they want.”

Under a comment from a fan he added, “MTV finna have to find another young black brother to disturb his peace and I will be the guy to constantly remind dudes this ain’t worth it.”

The day earlier, he blasted the network after sharing a screenshot of Briana’s attack, where she said, “F*** MTV.”

“LOL Tell me about it,” he wrote, as noted by Teen Mom Talk. They sure never gave ME no house money let alone car money lol. All CAPPPP aside, I could go without my MTV check and be the same person I am today. Let’s do it!”

Briana Told MTV She Didn’t ‘Get Paid Enough’

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She’s such a doll. 👨‍👧

A post shared by Devoin (@devoinaustin) on Jun 28, 2019 at 3:03pm PDT

Last week, Briana threatened to quit the series that made her famous after a disagreement with the network. She said she’s been open with her life, with the star allowing MTV cameras film her get an STD test after she had unprotected sex with ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez.

“I am the easiest person to work with,” she wrote, as shown in screenshots captured by Teen Mom Tea. “I give MTV my all and I’m very transparent with a lot of things. I hate when they dangle s*** in my face or give me ultimatums. Y’all can suck my d*** and find another mom to boss around. I got my house and that’s all I needed! Bye now!”

She added: “Lol f*** MTV lol they love to choose and pick what matters and what doesn’t matter lol I don’t get paid enough to be treated like shit compared to these other self-centered bitches! I’m ok with not filming.”

Briana Reportedly Didn’t Want Her Boyfriend To Get Tested For COVID-19

The mother-of-two was reportedly upset with MTV because her boyfriend had to get tested for the coronavirus. Since MTV producers are filming during a pandemic, everyone is required to be tested three times a week, The Ashley reported.

“MTV asked her to have her boyfriend get a COVID [19] test,” an insider told the blog. “Even if they don’t film him, he’s around her a lot, so they need him to test negative. It’s part of the COVID regulations.”

“They can’t film with her until he’s tested because he’s around her so much and is a tattoo artist so there’s a risk of exposure,” the person added. “When Briana was informed of this, she flipped out and said it wasn’t fair and that [the producers] can’t force her to do anything.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on MTV.

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