Catelynn Baltierra Posts About ‘Disgusting’ Behavior

Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn Baltierra The "Teen Mom" stars are currently filming "The Next Chapter."

“Teen Mom” star Catelynn Lowell Baltierra has been an outspoken advocate for abortion rights since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court on June 24. Baltierra’s activism has been shared by her husband, Tyler, who has also posted various messages and posts on social media since the reversal.

The “Teen Mom” star — who used to be pro-life — was disgusted by people who have large platforms like herself and aren’t using them for activism.

“I honestly can’t believe how many well-known people are not SPEAKING up about woman’s rights and our country… it’s honestly disgusting,” she said via Instagram Stories on July 5, according to Teen Mom Things.

Baltierra has been on “Teen Mom” since 2009 when she placed her eldest daughter, Carly, for adoption.

She and her husband went on to get married in 2015 and have three daughters together: 6-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda and 10-month-old Rya Rose.

Fans Had a Mixed Reaction to Baltierra’s Post

It wasn’t clear who Baltierra was talking about specifically, but some fans on Reddit suspected she might have been taken a jab at her co-stars.

Aside from the Baltierras, the only person who penned a lengthy message about the monumental court decision was “Young & Pregnant” star Rachel Beaver. People like the DeJesus sisters — Brittany and Briana — also posted short statements via Instagram. Farrah Abraham, on the other hand, is the only “Teen Mom” to be outspoken about her pro-life stance.

Others accused Baltierra of being hypocritical, saying her posts were performative — and that if she wanted to create real change she would encourage her followers to call their state representatives, donate money or organize a protest in her city.

“To tell you the truth I don’t really care about people using their platforms to speak up because a lot of it is performative anyway just to maintain a good image and they don’t really care aside from one IG story post,” one person wrote.

Some people called Baltierra for sharing “clickbait” articles in the past, something she’s since apologized for and said she wouldn’t do anymore.

“I mean true, but you also use your platform to post clickbait insinuating your daughter was mol3sted at her day care and that your FIL is dead which is “honestly disgusting”. Get off your high horse Cate,” read one popular comment.

Baltierra ‘Changed’ Her Mind About Abortion

When Baltierra was younger — and after she had placed her daughter for adoption — she was a pro-life advocate. But after she welcomed more daughters into the world, her stance on the issue evolved.

“Years ago I did consider myself pro life,” she wrote via Instagram on July 1. “I believe it had a lot to do with me speaking around the world about my adoption and during that grieving period helped me blur my sadness.”

“Fast forward to having Nova, then two more beautiful girls.. My views changed,” she said. “I had a CHOICE I wasn’t FORCED to do a damn thing! My girls deserve that same CHOICE if they found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy… So yes I grew, learned, and changed my view and that’s okay!!”

Baltierra is currently filming “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” which doesn’t yet have a release date.

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” is airing on MTV every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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