Catelynn Baltierra Faces Mom-Shaming From ‘Teen Mom’ Fans

Catelynn Tyler

MTV "Teen Mom OG" stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were parent-shamed by some fans after the latest episode of the MTV series aired.

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were parent-shamed by some fans after the latest episode of the MTV series aired. The couple accused 7-year-old daughter Nova of being a “brat,” an accusation that didn’t sit well with some viewers.

A Reddit thread simply titled “Nova” prompted the discussion among fans. The original poster talked about one scene, where Catelynn and Tyler unsuccessfully tried to get Nova to eat more of her dinner.

“I’m not following,” they wrote. “Can someone explain to me why Nova not wanting to eat more ribs makes her an entitled brat?”

Dozens of fans jumped into the discussion to answer the question, where they accused Tyler and Catelynn of being bad parents. “They’re shit parents. They say horrible things in front of her,” one person said. “They can’t even do simple motivation.”

“No child should be called a brat,” another added. “No child should be called a problem. The only issue are the parents. And Cate and Tyler are shitty ones.”

A third person accused Catelynn and Tyler of having poor communication skills. “They do not know how to talk to Nova. Poor kid gets stressed out because she doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Her parents probably never have cash and use cards, she doesn’t know what the f*** money is,” they claimed. “Doesn’t know that the toys she gets cost money, they’re skipping the step of teaching her how money works.”

Catelynn & Tyler Don’t Want Nova to Grow Up ‘Entitled’

Catelynn and Tyler were concerned they were raising their daughter to be spoiled and attempted to fix the behavior by giving her a list of chores so she could earn money to buy toys.

“Nova is a strong-willed child and Vaeda is learning to assert herself more every day. It can be overwhelming,” Catelynn said in a voiceover. “The stress of kids affects us so we want to figure out how to manage their outbursts on a day-to-day basis.”

Catelynn and Tyler, who grew up from humble beginnings, were aware that they are giving Nova a different childhood than they had. “She’s not raised the same way we were,” Tyler said. “It’s not the child’s fault that they end up feeling entitled, really, cause it’s like they don’t know any better… Parenting is like, you never know if you do a good job until it’s too late to fix it.

“Nova’s being a brat,” Tyler continued. “She’s trying to push our limits… It’s very normal and typical for her age, I feel like.”

Catelynn agreed that Nova is still very young and is just trying to figure out “what she can get away with.”

“She’s testing our limits, testing our boundaries,” Catelynn said. She then took responsibility for some of Nova’s behaviors, saying the 7-year-old normally gets what she wants from her mother.
“Every time we go to the store she expects me to buy her a toy and I do,” the Michigan native admitted.

Catelynn & Tyler Created a Chore Chart for Nova

In an effort to get Nova more interested in helping around the house, Catelynn created a list they could place on the refrigerator so their daughter can choose what tasks she wants to do each day.

“It becomes a problem when they start feeling entitled,” Tyler lamented. “Nothing in this world is free. You’re not going to get nothing handed to you in life.”

“Remember we had to do that s*** for free,” he said about some of Nova’s money-earning chores. “We didn’t get no money for that.”

The couple was hopeful Nova would want to earn money, but the 7-year-old didn’t immediately take to the idea. She wasn’t interested in cleaning up or feeding any of the pets.

The MTV stars hope to grow their family and want Nova to become more independent. “Tyler and I know that we want a third kid and when it happens it will get even more hectic around here so we want to start teaching Nova some responsibility and independence now,” Catelynn said.

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