Teen Mom Alum Talks ‘S***’ About Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska

MTV You can't come for "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska without hearing from her fans.

Not even Jenelle Evans can come for Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska without hearing from her fans. Viewers rallied behind the former MTV personality after she was called out by her one-time castmate. Jenelle, who hasn’t been on the show since 2019, has repeatedly bashed Chelsea, once accusing the South Dakota native of getting a “golden” edit while she was demonized by MTV. In her latest diss, Jenelle said people shouldn’t believe what they hear about Chelsea.

Jenelle reposted a comparison photo of Chelsea but added a snarky caption to it. The top part of the picture showed Chelsea crying to her father Randy Houska when she was going through a difficult time with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, the father of her 11-year-old daughter Aubree. “I just want a happily ever after,” Chelsea says to Randy. “It will come… it’s never too late,” he answers.

The bottom photo, which is probably supposed to signify Chelsea’s “happily ever after,” was first posted by Chelsea via Instagram on March 14.

It’s a black-and-white picture including Chelsea, her four children, and her husband, Cole DeBoer. “I love them. Hard,” she wrote. “My world!!” Cole added. In addition to Aubree, the couple share 4-year-old Watson, 2-year-old Layne and newborn Walker June.

While most people shared the image on Teen Mom fan pages with a positive spin, Jenelle seemingly had another take. “Photos make everything seem to perfect. Life is not perfect, am I right? Don’t believe everything you see on TV and the media,” she penned.

Yeah suck some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their lives relatable and admit their flaws,” Jenelle added in the Facebook comments section. “Some girls act like they’re a Stepford wife 😂💀.”

Fans Rallied to Defend Chelsea

The post doesn’t appear to still be on Jenelle’s Facebook page, but a screenshot was uploaded to the Teen Mom subreddit. “Jenelle s***-talking as usual,” Ghostgirl012 wrote.

Chelsea’s fans didn’t take kindly to the MTV star being shaded, with some of them bringing up Jenelle’s tumultuous past on Reddit.

“She’s jealous because Cole isn’t a psychopath like David most definitely is,” lowerac34 wrote.

“Get a f****** life Janelle 🤣 she’s sour no one is making these pics of her and her garbage life,” Briana18976 added. “This pic of Chelsea is SO CORNY but I remember the top scene and it was so heartbreaking to watch. I’m glad she finally did get her own happily ever after.”

AcceptableParfait171 remarked, “She has no room to shade, Chelsea is not perfect by any means, but she seems to be doing significantly better in life than Jenelle is. Jenelleousy at its finest.”

Jenelle, 29, was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 after her husband David Eason, 32, shot and killed their pet dog, Nugget. The incident led to Jenelle’s children being temporarily removed from the home while an investigation was conducted by child protective services. David was let go from MTV in 2018 after he made homophobic and transphobic comments.

Unlike David and Jenelle, Chelsea, 29, and Cole, 32, confirmed they would be retiring from Teen Mom 2 at the Season 10 Reunion. Chelsea, who has 6.2 million Instagram followers, said she felt like it was the right time to exit the series, hoped her fans would continue to follow her. Even though she’s no longer on the series her followers continue to support her.

Jenelle Has Slammed Chelsea Before

Jenelle’s February post is not the first time she’s taken a swing at her former castmate. She accused Chelsea of never showing her authentic self on Teen Mom 2 when she was interviewed in December by “The Family Tree” podcast, which was later taken down after backlash from listeners.

“You have Chelsea, who they portrayed as the Golden One,” she said. “Like, I knew some things she would do behind closed doors when we would go to the Reunion shows but that was never brought up.”

“I’m not trying to rat her out, or even say the things she did but I’m just saying she’s not a goodie-two-shoes,” Jenelle continued. “It makes me upset that they wouldn’t show her raw footage but they made me out to be like a villain.”

Chelsea hasn’t publicly responded to Jenelle’s disses.

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