Fans Accuse ‘Teen Mom’s’ Chelsea Houska of ‘Cash Grabbing’

Chelsea Houska

MTV Chelsea Houska is "cash grabbing" by charging fans $34 for tumblers, according to fans.

Fans are accusing “Teen Mom’s” Chelsea Houska of “cash-grabbing,” adding that it’s “just so blatant and irritating.”

In an Instagram story that has since been deleted, Houska promoted water bottles, which she described as “so cute” and the “perfect size”.

On her website, Houska priced the tumblers at $34.

Reddit fans, however, found a very similar– if not the same– tumbler on Amazon,  listed for $24.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users Slam Houska

Reddit users have slammed Houska, writing things like, “This is just another of Chelsea’s choices except this time people get their merchandise.”

Someone else wrote, “She overcharges on all of her products. I get it that she has to make money, but blatantly ripping people off is unethical.”

A third commented, “I get that she wants to cash grab while she’s relevant but this is shady af.”

Still, some Reddit users have sided with Houska in the debate, stating, “Yea but Chelsea has to buy so many of them, pay for shipping and wait a long time for them to arrive cause they come from overseas. She deserves the money for all the effort she puts in.”

Another spoke about the quality of Houska’s merchandise, stating, “I bought her throw blanket and it’s WAAAAY better quality than throw blankets from TJMaxx, Target, etc. It’s a weave but doesn’t summer from snags and undone weaves like others do.”

Reddit User: ‘They Gotta Pay For That Lawsuit’

On September 1, one Reddit user blamed Houska’s “cash-grabbing” on her lawsuit. In February, The Sun reported that the “Teen Mom” star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, were sued for $3 million after “withholding money” they reportedly made from social media.

The outlet reported, “In court papers obtained by The Sun, Chelsea, 29, Cole, 32, her company C&A Enterprises and The William Gerard Group were sued for breach of contract by consulting company Envy in April 2020.”

The piece continued, “Envy claimed in the lawsuit, which YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball first broke, that the company entered into a contract with The William Gerard Group in 2015 to provide consulting services to Chelsea and Cole, who entered a contract in 2016, in exchange for a portion of revenue made from deals.”

The Sun specified that Houska and DeBoer were under obligation to pay Envy 35% for all fees or royalties and 40% for foreign deals.

As pointed out by the outlet, however, Houska filed a counterclaim in May 2020, arguing that Envy was not paying them money they were owed.

According to The Sun, “The email claimed Envy ‘has failed to produce accounting documents for the entire relevant period and has only provided financial and banking statements for approximately seven companies out of approximately 68.'”

The outlet added that Houska and her husband argued that Envy was over $154,000 indebted to them.

The “Teen Mom” star recently celebrated her 30th birthday. To honor the day, DeBoer shared a makeup-free pic of his wife.

He wrote, “Beauties!! Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Angel Layne! And Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful amazing wife! @chelseahouska Layne has definitely been a mommas girl lately and she has the best one around to look up to. I love you both more than you will ever know and hope today has been extremely special.”

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