Farrah Abraham Calls Out MTV for Discrimination

Farrah Abraham

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Farrah Abraham recently called out MTV for allowing “Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus to have an OnlyFans account after she was fired for appearing in adult films.

In an Instagram post obtained by The Sun, Farrah responded to a fan who questioned the double-standard. The fan wrote, “I still don’t get how Briana can do only fans and post her naked body all over for [people] but [you] got an ultimatum.”

Farrah responded to the fan calling MTV an “awful company” and wrote, “I’m 30 & I can do what I want.” She went on the accuse the company of discrimination.

Some fans agreed that the situation seemed like a double-standard, while other fans pointed out a clear distinction between the two situations. According to The Sun, one fan responded to Farrah’s comment, writing, “It’s [because] Briana isn’t calling her porn teen mom. Using their branded name. It’s called a conflict of interest and a legit contract break.”

Farrah says MTV Gave Her an Ultimatum

In 2017, Farrah left the “Teen Mom” franchise after appearing on the show for nine seasons, Monsters and Critics reported. Farrah’s burgeoning adult film career was the primary reason behind her decision to leave the show, according to Monsters and Critics.

In 2020 Farrah took to Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes details on her departure from the MTV reality show. In a September 2020 Instagram post, Farrah wrote, “MTV CALLED ME AFTER THIS & gave me the ultimatum Teen Mom or Adult Entertainment & I chose FARRAH ABRAHAM.”

The reality TV star also called out the show’s producers for creating fake storylines for entertainment. She wrote, “the rest of the women on the crew infected with their evil neuroses created fake scenes, drama, disrespected my parenting, disregarded my boundaries from counseling and created fights in front of my daughter.”

Farrah Revealed There Was Physical Drama during the ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion Special’

According to an article published in People Magazine in December 2021,Farrah revealed there was physical drama on the set of the “Teen Mom: Family Reunion Special.”

According to People Magazine, Farrah told TMZ reporters, “I think I could walk through the door and like, drama is going to happen, sadly,” the “Teen Mom” star said. “I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves. Do not sneak attack a woman, and do not gang up on a woman, because I don’t handle that too well. So that’s kind of what happened to me.”

Farrah did not reveal the name of the person that physically attacked her but told reporters she wishes all her “Teen Mom” co-stars the best, People Magazine reported.

Farrah Is on TikTik

Like many other celebrities, Farrah is active on the popular social media app TikTok. The reality TV star currently has 582.4 thousand followers and 2.6 million likes as of December 2021. The “Teen Mom” alum shares a variety of content, including adorable videos of her pets and videos from her family vacations.

In November 2021, Farrah shared an adorable video of her and her daughter Sophia enjoying an extravagant lunch with tea and delicious desserts. In the caption, she wrote, “I am #thankful for my #bestie SOPHIA #thanksgiving Y’all name the food.”

Fans commented on the post to wish Farrah and her daughter a happy Thanksgiving and comment on the adorable mother-daughter duo.

One fan wrote, “no one can fault the way you’ve always been there for Sophia! Hope you’re both well.” Another TikTok user commented, “you are my fav love you and have an amazing thanksgiving with your princess.”

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