Reddit Users Accuse Farrah Abraham of Hiring ‘Pretend Boyfriend’

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom" alum Farrah Abraham hasn't publicly dated anyone since Simon Saran.

Reddit users are calling out Farrah Abraham, claiming that she “hired someone to pretend to be her boyfriend.”

In the Reddit thread, Abraham was also accused of calling paparazzi to be photographed with the mystery man.

The entire thread was titled: “Farrah and her ‘new man’, who has a rainbow flag sticking out of his pocket. Did she hire someone to pretend to be her boyfriend again? There is nothing natural about this display of affection. And she called the paps again? How embarrassingly desperate.”

In the comments section of the thread, one person wrote, “I’m getting creepy uncle vibes from this dude.”

Others asked, “Why is she in an evening gown?”

A third mocked Abraham, writing, “Why is she licking him.”

Yet another chimed in, writing, “Ughhhh she had such potential to age beautifully and she ruined it. It’s all I can think of every time I see photos of her.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Abraham Was Seen With The New Man on June 3

Abraham was seen with the new man on June 3 in a series of Instagram videos posted to her account. According to The Sun, Abraham and the man were posted up at a Hollywood restaurant called Yamashiro. In the since-deleted Instagram story, the two held hands; in photos obtained by an event the prior day, Getty simply identified him as “McKenzie.”

While Abraham later deleted the Instagram Story of her and the man kissing, it was obtained by Reddit users and posted on a separate thread, titled, “There’s no sound to this clip she posted but it’s so painfully awkward to watch.”

Fans shared their opinions in the thread, writing things like, “Why is she biting his glasses? Poor kid. STOP IT, Farrah!” and “It gave me the shivers watching this, so uncomfortable.”

A third wrote, “Farrah fighting so hard to stay relevant.”

Some asked why she was so quick to delete the clip. “Going from the other stories she posted, this was from an event that featured a self care mask. Same dress and necklace. Now I’m even more curious about this young man since she deleted the clip.”

Abraham Recently Said She Felt ‘Blessed’ after Being Told to Put on a Shirt

Abraham most recently made headlines after being told to put on a shirt at a restaurant while vacationing with her teenage daughter, Sophia.

“I was told to put on a top,” she told her followers. At the time, she only wore a bikini top.

“That just means I have enough boobs that actually bother people.”

In the since-deleted video, Abraham directed the camera towards her cleavage, saying the encounter was “really rude.”

The “Teen Mom” star has been criticized in recent weeks by users who claim she uses too much lip filler and has gone overboard with plastic surgery.

In photos from a trip to Hawaii, Abraham’s critics wrote, “Every time I see her face and body…yikes yikes yikes. Body dysphoria is a b****.”

Someone else weighed in, “It looks like the left eye is droopy, but the right cheek/smile is also droopy?”

And another went one step further, writing, “She looks very drugged out. That will age you quick. Mixed with the excessive plastic surgery she gets. It’s going to start going downhill here pretty quick.”

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