Farrah Abraham to Return to ‘Teen Mom’: Report

Farrah Abraham

Getty Controversial "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham is reportedly returning to MTV to film a spinoff.

She’s back! “Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham might have severed ties with MTV in 2017, but she returned to film to secretive “retreat” spinoff, according to an exclusive report by People.

The 30-year-old star was spotted filming at an undisclosed location in California, where moms and dad from all three series — “Teen Mom OG,” “Teen Mom 2” and “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” — will be living together in the same spot of an unknown amount of time.

According to a picture shared by People, Abraham could be seen talking to a camera with a few production personnel standing off to the sides. She appeared to be wearing brown cowboy boots, a jean dress, and a sweater with a belt that cinched her waist.

Who Else Is Coming to the Retreat?

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has been closely following the spinoff, sharing a list of cast members returning and details on an explosive fight that already went down.

So far, this is everyone who’s appearing in the spinoff, according to The Ashley and People:

Farrah Abraham
Amber Portwood
Maci Bookout
Leah Messer
Briana DeJesus
Brittany DeJesus
Jade Cline
Ashley Jones
Kayla Sessler
Kiaya Elliott
Brianna Jaramillo
Devoin Austin
Bar Smith
Gary Shirley

One person who will not be attending is “Young & Pregnant” star Rachel Beaver, who was disinvited because of her age, The Ashey’s Reality Roundup wrote.

“Rachel was called and invited when the other [Young and Pregnant] girls were invited,” an insider told The Ashley. “She was all set to go, but then [the producers] heard from MTV legal and were told they had to cut Rachel from the cast because she’s not 21. So they kind of just ghosted her for a while before finally telling her she was uninvited.”

The “Young & Pregnant” star was not pleased when she heard the news. “Rachel said she wanted to take this up with the higher-ups at Viacom because she doesn’t feel it’s fair to exclude her for being the only actual teenagers on a show called ‘Teen Mom,’” the insider revealed.

There’s Already a Ton of Drama Happening

Before Abraham arrived at the retreat, a fight broke out between “Teen Mom 2” stars Jade Cline, the DeJesus sisters and Ashley Jones. Jones and Cline have a feud that goes back to their “Young & Pregnant” days, while the DeJesus sisters bonded with Cline after they helped her recover from plastic surgery in Miami.

The spat was confirmed by DeJesus matriarch Roxanne and Jones.

Roxanne was annoyed that her daughters and Cline were moved to a different location after sparring with Jones, the apparent instigator.

“S*** broke out last night and guess what happened again? Three of the girls had to be taken to another location when in reality it should have been the opposite,” Roxanne DeJesus said during an Instagram rant. “Three girls didn’t go in there to be bullies. They went in there, minding their business and s*** broke out. I don’t want to know what happened; I don’t even care at this point.”

Jones, however, denied that she physically fought with any of her cast members. “Just to be very clear, I did not attack anyone,” Jones explained in a September 16 Instagram. “I was ganged up on and people tried to get physical with ME. Not the other way around. So let’s all tell the truth cause when the footage airs someone is going to look like a liar.”

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