Farrah Abraham Jokes About CPS in Video With Sophia

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom OG" alum Farrah Abraham said she liked TikTok more than Instagram after one of her videos with her daughter.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham said she liked TikTok more than Instagram after one of her videos with her daughter, 13-year-old Sophia, obtained more than 5 million views.

Abraham and Sophia participated in the “Tortilla Challenge,” where they took a sip of water, played rock-paper-scissors, and then the winner hits the loser with a tortilla.

“So good to have @sophialabraham back home from camp (dont call ☎️ cps on me ),” Abraham captioned the video.

“I’m only going to use quinoa flour with avocado oil for these. I can’t have regular tortillas slapping me in the face,” Abraham said at the beginning of the video. “It’s good to have Sophia back home.”

Sophia returned from camp at Camp Longhorn.

Abraham, 31, took a slip of water out of a wine glass, and Sophia used a tumbler.

“Let’s rock-papper-scissors and then let me slap you with tortilla!” Abraham said, gulping her water before she was supposed to.

“You need to fill your mouth up with water,” Sophia told her mother. “You talk a lot.”

“I almost drowned in myself with that water,” the former MTV star joked. “I’m not a swimmer.”

“I don’t want to get in trouble for child abuse,” Abraham said before she and Sophia began to hit each other with the tortillas.

Abraham said she preferred TikTok to Instagram after getting millions of views.

Police said Abraham hit a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Los Angeles on January 16. Abraham pleaded not guilty to battery in June, according to Page Six. If she’s found guilty, Abraham could face up to six months in behind bars, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office told Page Six.

Fans Wanted to Know ‘What Happened to Abraham and Sophia

“When I tell you my mouth dropped when I realized who they were,” reads one of the top responses on Abraham’s video, with nearly 30,000 likes.

“😳 Jump scare, did NOTTTT realize this was Farrah until I heard the voice 🥴,” said a TikTok user.

“I almost didn’t recognize her. 😳 Um what happened 😳,” another said.

“Waaaay to much work done . I DID NOT recognize her . WTH,” another wrote.

Abraham didn’t respond to the comments about her appearance.

“Love ya’ll 😂 ,” she wrote in the comments section. “Is this a cooking show.”

Debra Danielsen Says Abraham Is Struggling

Abraham’s estranged mother, Debra Danielsen, said she’s heartbroken to see Abraham struggling.

The “Teen Mom OG” alum finished a 12-step program, but Danielsen said there’s more that needs to be done to help Abraham get on the right path.

“There is more that needs to be done that would help her quicker,” Danielsen told Heavy. “That would help her feel 100 percent better but it’s being shoved aside and I don’t take this as helping my daughter. I don’t take this as making her her best, so she struggles.”

“And it kills ya to see your child struggling with something where you know what has been diagnosed and you know what they and need but they’re not actually getting it,” she said.

“My heart bleeds because my daughter always used to be such a fun, light-hearted, loving human being,” Danielsen continued. “And that’s the Farrah we all love. The loving kind Farrah and then to see her struggle is heartbreaking.”

Danielsen just released her new album, “Rheb3l,” which is currently streaming on Spotify. She is also the host of the “ Rheb3l–Empower” podcast.

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