‘Teen Mom’ Retreat Spinoff Sparks Major Fight

Briana DeJesus

MTV The cast of "Teen Mom 2" might get a little bit smaller.

The cast of “Teen Mom 2” might get a little bit smaller after Roxanne DeJesus, the matriarch of the DeJesus family, threatened to quit the series after a major altercation occurred with her daughters. The incident went down while filming the “Teen Mom” retreat spinoff, where the girls are supposed to undergo therapy, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

It’s not clear why the “Teen Mom” stars, but it was apparently Jade Cline, Brittany DeJesus and Briana DeJesus against Ashley Jones.

They weren’t the only women from the “Teen Mom” franchises to participate in the event. Amber Portwood was reportedly at the hotel when the fight broke out, and “Young and Pregnant” stars Brianna Jaramillo, Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott are slated to arrive at the hotel next week, The Ashley reported.

During a rant on Instagram live, which was cited by The Ashley, Roxanne DeJesus threatened to leave “Teen Mom 2.” She accused them of financially abusing her family and didn’t want cameras in her house anymore. Roxanne DeJesus also seemed annoyed that her daughter and Cline were the ones who were removed and not Jones.

“S*** broke out last night and guess what happened again? Three of the girls had to be taken to another location, when in reality it should have been the opposite,” she said during her diatribe. “Three girls didn’t go in there to be bullies. They went in there, minding their business and s**t broke out. I don’t want to know what happened; I don’t even care at this point.”

Roxanne DeJesus Accused MTV of Being ‘Fake’

During her tirade, which lasted more than 11 minutes, Roxanne DeJesus said she was over filming and accused “Teen Mom” of being phony. She maintained that her family was the only authentic part of the show.

“Do not show up at my house with your f***ing cameras, do not send any COVID tests, I am done with your bulls***, with your penny-pinching bulls***! Shove that money up your ass and I’m out!” she said, according to The Ashley.

“I will not tolerate the f**king financial abuse. I will not tolerate your fake security, your fake COVID cleaning…everything about it is fake,” Roxanne continued. “The most real thing about Viacom right now is my family. The most-authentic, real thing is my family!”

“I will not forgive you,” she warned.

Jones Said the Girls ‘Ganged Up’ on Her

Jones only briefly responded to Roxanne DeJesus’ claims, saying Cline and the DeJesus sisters teamed up against her.

“Just to be very clear, I did not attack anyone,” Jones wrote via Instagram on September 16. “I was ganged up on and people tried to get physical with ME. Not the other way around. So let’s all tell the truth cause when the footage airs someone is going to look like a liar.”

The DeJesus sisters and Cline did not issue statements about the incident.

One person who did have something to say is Bowling for Soup singer Jaret Reddick. “This whole thing is just gross,” he wrote on the Teen Mom Fanz account.

“Immediately when this ‘new show’ was announced we all knew what was happening. Ratings are falling. Stories are drying up,” he said. “So the producers throw the same people into the room that they “protect” from one another on the reunion shows. It reeks.”

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