Are Jade Cline & Sean Austin Still Together?

Jade Cline

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jade Cline and Sean Austin share one daughter together, 3-year-old Kloie Kenna.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jade Cline and her boyfriend, Sean Austin, have reconnected again after Austin did a stint in rehab.

Cline, 24, showed up to the “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” without her other half, revealing Austin was in treatment to get help for his drug addiction.

“Sobriety is hard but he’s made it. He not only wanted substance abuse help but mental help. He had a lot of stuff repressed and he was hurting,” Cline wrote on Instagram, according to screenshots obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“He got so much counseling and therapy which got to the root of his substance abuse issues,” she wrote. “He’s doing amazing and is proof people can change.”

According to Cline, her boyfriend is like a new person. “ … If I wouldn’t have stuck by and helped him with sobriety idk where he would be now,” the Indiana resident wrote. “Giving up on someone just isn’t who I am. At least all the hell I’ve been through has finally paid off and life is good.”

In a separate Instagram post, cited by The Sun, Cline revealed it was Austin’s decision to seek treatment.

“It was a huge step for him. The first step towards the rest of his life. Best decision he ever made. Now Kloie has two healthy parents that practice patients, good mental health, and healthy communications!” the mother-of-one wrote. “So happy we are where we are at now.”

Cline and Austin share one child together, a 4-year-old daughter, Kloie Kenna.

Rumors first swirled that Cline and Austin had reconciled after they posted holiday photos together on Instagram, as noted by The Sun.

Cline Said Austin Had Been ‘Depressed’

Cline opened about Austin’s situation during an episode of “Family Reunion,” saying her boyfriend had been struggling with his mental health for some time.

“I feel like he’s been depressed for a really long time and lacking a lot of self-confidence and having a lot of issues that he’s finally working through,” she said in a confessional.

Cline said their daughter, Kloie, was upset when her father left for treatment. She remembered Kloie saying: “Mommy, I just want you to tell Daddy that you’re sorry so that he can stay home with us.”

Her daughter’s comment “tore” Cline “the f*** up.”

Cline Blasted Trolls Who Criticized Her Body

After getting a Brazilian butt lift on season 10 of “Teen Mom 2,” Cline has been sharing full body pictures on Instagram — but not everyone is pleased with the photos she posts.

The MTV personality blasted the backlash.

“I show some cleavage and the whole internet loses their minds lol I’m 25,” she wrote on Instagram in October 2021. “I’m a grown adult. No mother is a disappointment to their child because they have cleavage showing.”

“You people are some damn weirdosss. Shout out the hot mamas out there always showing love and having self-love,” she continued. “More hot girl pics coming soon.”

She then called out people who deleted their “mean” comments after she clapped back. “I love how when I give you guys the same energy you give me you delete your comment lol don’t comment mean s*** and not be able to take it when I’m mean back,” Cline wrote.

Season 11 of “Teen Mom 2” airs Tuesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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