Jenelle Evans Says She ‘Can’t Work’ Amid Painful Illness

Jenelle Evans

MTV Jenelle Evans is celebrating Memorial Day Weekend on Labor Day

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans said in a YouTube video on July 15 she’s in so much pain that she cannot work. The former MTV personality said she has a cyst on her spine and her head, but doctors aren’t sure what’s causing the pain behind one of her eyes.

“I have the worst headache,” she said in the video, titled “I Can’t Work.”

“So I can’t edit any videos. I have like three or four YouTube videos to edit and upload but I feel like s***. I don’t know. I’ve just been in a lot of pain,” Evans explained. “I have a lot of head pain. This eye feels like it’s about to pop out of my head.”

“I’ve been having trouble breathing lately but I think that’s because of the cyst in my spine,” she continued. “Got a cyst in my head, a cyst in my spine and it really sucks ’cause I’m trying to focus on work.”

Since leaving “Teen Mom 2” in 2019, Evans has made a living off of posting videos to YouTube and TikTok.

“I do social media for work so it’s really hard for me to be able to focus and look at a computer screen or make a video on my phone or edit on iMovie [while] my head is pounding,” the mother-of-three explained. “Then my eyes hurt if I look at anything too bright. It hurts really bad.”

Two days after the video was published, it garnered more than 25,000 views and amassed hundreds of comments from concerned fans.

YouTube Viewers Tired to Help Evans With a Diagnosis

i can't work.Haven't been able to focus on work lately because some issues have came up in life. Subscribe and hit the notification bell for updates when new videos are uploaded!2021-07-16T00:01:49Z

Evans had an MRI done but everything came back normal. She explained in the “I Can’t Work” video that her next MRI is scheduled for August and she’s also going to have blood work so they can start ruling out some illnesses, like lupus.

Since Evans’ condition remains a mystery for now, commenters on YouTube tried to help the social media star with a possible diagnosis.

“Have you ruled out your implants!??! I have heard horror stories from girls about them leaking and they have all the same symptoms and feel like dying 24/7,” one of the most popular comments said. “I hope you figure it out so you cant start some sort of treatment.”

Another person wondered if Evans might be suffering from multiple sclerosis. “Optic neuritis always hurts one eye . Are you sure they are cysts and not ms lesions? Have you asked them about ms ? (Multiple sclerosis),” they asked.

Evans Was Accused of Neglecting Her Children by Some Fans


Yea our house is ruined…time to paint! @jenellelevans

♬ original sound – David Eason

After her husband David Eason posted a video to TikTok that showed their white walls covered in scribbles, some people on Reddit accused Evans and her husband of neglecting their children. The allegation ignited a debate among fans.

While some claimed the markings could have happened in a matter of minutes, others claimed the scribbles were made over time because the children weren’t be watched closely enough.

Eason and Evans have one child together, a 4-year-old daughter named Ensley.

Evans is also the mother to two boys: 11-year-old Jace and 7-year-old Kaiser. Kaiser lives with Evans and Jace lives with Evans’ mother, Barbara.

Eason also has two children from previous relationships. Maryssa, 13, lives with Eason and Evans and he is also the father to 7-year-old Kaden, who lives with Eason’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia Leedham.

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