Fans Blast Jenelle Evans for Heavily-Filtered Look: ‘What You Ordered on Wish vs. What You Get’

Jenelle Evans

Getty "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans attends a fashion event.

“Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans has been getting a rise out of show viewers for years, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. Franchise fans do not mince words when it comes to Evans, and that was definitely the case with a recent Instagram post she shared. The mom of three was going for a sultry look, but not everybody was impressed over by her approach.

Here’s what you need to know:

Evans Seemed Thrilled With Her Finished Look

On August 16, Evans shared a short video on her Instagram page, and she captioned it “CLEANEST TRANSITION EVER.” She also shared a still shot of the look on her Instagram stories that included a link to her OnlyFans page. It only took a few hours for “Teen Mom” fans to go wild over the look on Reddit, with no shortage of jokes made. In fact, some Redditors went all-out in expressing their opinions.

“Heeeeeeeeehaw she is completely vacant. Nobody’s been living there for some time now, the lights aren’t even on. Dead eyes. Imagine that being your mother,” critiqued one person.

“Is she going for the 80s pornstar look?” wondered someone.

“Did she let Ensley do her makeup or what?” questioned another “Teen Mom” fan, referring to Evans’ daughter.

“What you ordered on wish vs. what you get,” joked a fourth Redditor. Others joked about Evans providing a fabulous “Instagram vs. Reality” comparison. Evans’ eyeliner, in particular, stood out to many critics, and her brows attracted a fair amount of attention as well.

Evans’ Extreme Look Seemingly Did Her No Favors

Across several threads of comments, there seemed to be virtually no positive commentary regarding Evans’ attempt at a sultry look.

“Well that’s covered the whole spectrum of scariness,” admitted another Reddit critic.

“The filters are doing work today,” quipped another poster who shared the Instagram story version of Evans’ latest look. The “Teen Mom” star included an over-the-top spicy caption with the Instagram story as she hyped her OnlyFans page, and some felt it provided frightening imagery. There were makeup critiques and references to her parenting, and at least a couple of “Teen Mom” fans brought up daughter Ensley’s recent medical situation.

“I guess Ensley isn’t sick anymore,” noted one Redditor.

“Right?? Like why couldn’t she at least make a separate account to post her promos on so she’s not going directly from ‘my small child has the stomach flu’ to ‘I can get your d*** up inside me’?? I felt sick just typing those in the same sentence,” agreed another critic.

“My kid just got out of hospital. I’ll post thirst traps and do OF and ignore her. I’d love to know wtf goes across the two braincells she has,” declared someone else.

Just a matter of hours prior to sharing her heavily filtered wild look, Evans shared with “Teen Mom” fans that Ensley was in the hospital. It seemed the 5-year-old had the stomach flu, and fans ripped into Evans for posting a photo of the little girl in a hospital bed. Evans later shared another photo of Ensley and said she had gone from sick to “spoiled,” and that sparked an additional round of criticism for the controversial “Teen Mom” star.

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