Jenelle Evans Confuses Fans With Surprising Admission About Son Jace

Jenelle Evans

YouTube Jenelle Evans' YouTube video.

Jenelle Evans has shared news about her pregnancy with son Jace, born in 2009, that has agitated some of her followers.

On July 11, Evans, who had Jace with ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis, wrote in a tweet, “And my first son WAS planned.. that should tell you a lot.”

Fans slammed Evans for the post.

On Reddit, one person commented, “It does tell us a lot, Jenelle, but not in the way you think it does.”

Another wrote, “Wait wait wait wait….. no one talked to you about sex so you planned a whole baby? Someone had to talk to you about sex because you knew it would make a baby….. I’m confused on what she’s trying to say here lol.”

Another added, “She’s a liar she didn’t plan it we can all tell that from the 16 and pregnant episode.”

One person wrote, “… she is definitely spiraling. save the children (as she once said).”

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Don’t Compared This Issue to Me’

In a separate tweet, a fan responded, “And you had a baby at 16 most teen moms don’t have the luxury you have… they should make a real teen mom show where the money is given to the services and agencies that help teen moms and their babies.”

Evans replied, “We are talking about kindergarten- 3rd grade.. not 16 year olds. Don’t compared this issue to me when it clearly cannot relate.”

When the user wrote, “Parents should began talking about sex (genitalia, body safety) as early as possible to help them be safe. How one talks to a third grader about sex is different then how one would talk to an 8th grader,” Evans replied, “Not Kindergarten- 3rd grade. There would be KIDS accidentally getting pregnant thinking they want their own.”

Evans’ Twitter Tirade Against Airbnb

Over the past few days, Evans has written a number of tweets and Instagram posts criticizing the home hosting company Airbnb.

In an Instagram Story, Evans alleged that Airbnb canceled a July 4 family vacation after she and her family had already arrived at the location.

On July 6, Evans uploaded a number of slides to her Instagram, at one point writing, “Don’t use @Airbnb. They canceled our reservation in the middle of our trip on the 4th of July. [They] won’t tell me why. [They] won’t contact me back.”

When a fan proposed that the host had canceled on the family, Evans replied, “Nope, @Airbnb deleted me from the rental company’s system like I was never there. Spoke with the rental company in person at their office today. They have no issues with me or my family.”

In a Reddit thread titled, “Jenelle going full Karen mode on AirBNB,” one Reddit user wrote that Evans had “become unhinged.”

“Exploiting her kids for her own benefit, f****** disgusting,” another person wrote.

Another slammed Evans for using Airbnb to film content for her OnlyFans page. “Why tf would anyone want porn being filmed in their air bnb? They ruined your KIDS trip? Or they ruined you possibly making porn with children in the room. Disgusting. Do that on your own time with your own house.”

Evans joined OnlyFans in May — during the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform became a popular destination for sex workers. In the words of Complex, it has since “ballooned into a world of its own, where artists, entertainers, sex workers, and others can monetize their influence.”

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