Jenelle Evans’ Child Posts About Being ‘Bruised’

Jenelle Evans

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans' child shared a cryptic post on Instagram.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans’ 13-year-old stepchild Maryssa Eason shared a cryptic post on Instagram the day before Father’s Day 2021, according to screenshots obtained by eagle-eyed fans on Reddit.

“Maryssa’s post that was posted at midnight Saturday then deleted (presumably by Jenelle) on Sunday morning,” the original poster wrote on June 21, 2021.

The image showed a picture of a hand with a quote that reads: “I stopped venting and started praying cause I don’t need sympathy. I need strength. –bruised but not broken.”

The post garnered dozens of comments from viewers who were concerned about the 13-year-old. Many of them recalled the Child Protective Services investigation from July 2019 where Maryssa spoke out against Evans and her father David Eason.

“Jesus. The kid begged to not be sent back to the swamp and she is still forced to live in a swampy hell,” one person wrote. “I hope she gets out soon and takes all the kids and animals with her.”

“Imagine telling the court system about what you have endured your whole life and the abuse you’ve suffered to only have the judge toss you back to all of that,” another person said. “I can’t wait for her to get out of there.”

Maryssa is Eason’s daughter from his previous relationship with Whitney Johnson. He currently has full custody of the teenager. Eason is also the father to 5-year-old Kaden, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Olivia Leedham, and 3-year-old Ensley Jolie, who is his daughter with Evans.

Evans also has three children. Her mother Barbara Evans has primary physical custody of her oldest son, 11-year-old Jace. She also shares a 6-year-old son, Kaiser, with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

The children — Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley — were briefly removed from the home. They were returned to Evans and Eason in July 2019 and all charges against them were dropped.

Evans & Eason Accused Maryssa of Lying

Evans and Eason maintained that Maryssa was lying when she spoke out against them in court during their 2019 CPS investigation.

“Maryssa is the star witness and she’s been doing a great job, getting up on the stand and telling the court what she witnessed,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in June 2019.

In a YouTube series called “I Have Something to Say,” which was published in October 2020, Evans accused her stepdaughter of being a liar.

“Her story went from last time ‘David pushed down a door with his two bare hands…’ Now it’s ‘David ripped a screen door off the front door.’ We never had a screen door,” Evans claimed. “A few minutes later she goes ‘we don’t have screen doors on anything.’”

“Then [Maryssa] said she acts happy even when it’s a candid video that I’ve presented to the court,” the former MTV personality continued. “And she claims that she’s been scared and not wanted to live with us for the past two years and not wanted to live with us in the first place.”

Eason Accused Maryssa of Putting on a ‘Façade’

In one of the final episodes of “I Have Something to Say,” Evans included a recorded phone call that Eason had with his daughter.

Maryssa became upset while speaking to her father about returning to his house.

“You don’t have anything to be scared of no matter what you did, but getting on the stand is not what we’re here to talk about right now,” Eason said in the audio recording. “We’re talking about you just coming back to the house.”

Maryssa revealed she was afraid of getting yelled at by Eason when she returned home, but he denied ever raising his voice.

“It’s not anything that will make you in trouble—whatever you think trouble is—because you’ve never been in trouble at my house and I have never yelled at you,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re even talking ‘bout. You’ve never been yelled at by anyone at my house.”

Maryssa was noticeably upset on the phone call, but Eason claimed she was being phony.

“Stop putting on a show or a façade like there’s a bunch of problems. You still have not to this day after so many weeks given anyone why a reason why you are upset or scared. Or why you’re crying right now,” Eason told his daughter. “Maryssa, you need to calm down. If you can’t calm down, we’re going to take you to the doctor. You understand?”

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