Jenelle Evans’s Airbnb Drama Continues on TikTok

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Earlier this week, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to share her experience with the popular vacation rental company Airbnb.

Evans slammed the company in her Instagram story and alleged that Airbnb was responsible for the cancelation of her July 4 family vacation. She even asked fans to email her if they’ve had “bad” Airbnb experiences.

The MTV star didn’t stop there. She continued to speak about her negative Airbnb experience on TikTok.

Jenelle Evans Slams Airbnb on TikTok

On July 6, Evans posted a video on TikTok urging fans not to use the rental service.

The 30-year-old included multiple photo slides using text to explain her experience.

“Don’t use @Airbnb,” she wrote. “They canceled our reservation in the middle of our trip on the 4th of July. [They] won’t tell me why. [They] won’t contact me back.”

In the next slide, she told fans that her attempts to contact the company were unsuccessful, writing, “I’ve emailed and called them since 1 p.m. yesterday.”

“@Airbnb you just disappointed my kids to the fullest,” she continued. “Thanks a lot.”

In the last slide, she included a screenshot of two Instagram comments from users who also had negative experiences with Airbnb.

“Never [using] this app again. [They] ruined my two-week trip to [California],” one commenter wrote.

Another Instagram user detailed a similar experience.

“Worst customer service I have ever dealt with,” they wrote. “My account was deactivated and an expensive booking was canceled after we had driven hours and checked-in for no reason at all.”

“No one will answer my calls or emails to explain or help me,” the user continued. “Airbnb also won’t refund me and had the audacity to charge me a cancelation, I will keep contacting you until I get every penny back. This is unacceptable.”

Evans called out Airbnb directly in the caption of the TikTok, writing, “@Airbnb what’s the problem!? I would love to know why you canceled our family trip on the 4th of July? Can you respond to my calls or emails to resolve this?”

Airbnb has not publicly responded to Evans’s claims.

Fans Respond to Jenelle Evans’s Airbnb Drama

Evans’s Airbnb rant confused some fans who took to the comment section to seek more clarity.

“Airbnb owner here,” one commenter wrote. “Never would I ever cancel someone’s booking. I would hate if that happened to me. It was the owners who did it, not the Airbnb app.”

“Yeah but if the owners had nothing to do with it why weren’t you allowed to stay? Makes no sense,” another user replied.

“Airbnb host here..did you contact the host? Airbnb [customer service] is terrible but stays aren’t just randomly canceled,” a third user asked.

“It was probably the owner but they didn’t want to confess when you confronted them,” a fourth user wrote.

Jenelle Evans Shares Photo With Her Daughter

Evans recently caught the attention of fans after she shared an adorable photo of her and her daughter Ensley on Instagram.

“Wonder where she gets all her sass from 👯‍♀️ #Twinning,” she wrote in the caption.

“Teen Mom” fans could not get over the resemblance between Evans and her daughter. They took to the comment section to express their astonishment.

“Wow she is a splitting image of you 👯 Adorable 💕,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Wow, she looks just like you!! Beautiful ❤️,” another fan commented.

“Literally your twin ❤️,” a third user added.

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