Kailyn Lowry Admits to Deleting Podcast With Private Issues

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry admitted that she deleted a recent episode of her podcast.

If you’re a fan of Kailyn Lowry, you might be aware that the reality star has a podcast with the wife of her baby daddy Jo Rivera.

Well, according to The Sun, things got pretty heated between Lowry and Jo’s wife, Vee Rivera, in a recent episode, and the decision was made to delete the podcast to ensure the public would never hear it.

Lowry and Vee announced their decision during the October 26 episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama.” Discussing the now-deleted episode, Lowry explained, “We recorded on Friday and decided that it was more for therapy.” Vee added, “Yeah, we were like maybe this should be just between us.”

Lowry followed that up by saying, “So we decided not to release it.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kailyn Lowry: ‘I Dislike Jo More Than I Ever Did’

Jo and Vee were married in 2011. The couple welcomed their daughter into the world in 2015.

On the October 21, 2021, episode of Lowry’s other podcast, the “Coffee Convos” podcast, she got candid about the current status of her relationship with her three baby daddies: Jo, Javi Marroquin, and Chris Lopez.

She said of Lopez, “I don’t have a relationship with Chris at all, we don’t communicate whatsoever.” She added, “I think the last five or six text messages that I sent obviously about the kids, have not been responded to. Just read.”

Talking about Marroquin, she said: “Javi and I still, I would say, he has harder periods than I do right now. Where I’ve like completely mellowed out. I just don’t react the same anymore and then Chris and I just don’t communicate at all.”

And on the subject of her co-host’s husband, Jo, Lowry said, “I like dislike Jo more than I ever did.”

Lowry Said She Suffered ‘Emotional Abuse’ by Jo Rivera

This isn’t the first time the subject of Jo has come up during an episode of a podcast.

Speaking on the “Coffee Convos” Podcast in mid-October 2021, Lowry told fans that she spent time in a homeless shelter after leaving Jo.

In the episode, Lowry said, “When I stayed at a shelter, it wasn’t because of domestic violence but it still kinda resonates because there was a lot of verbal and emotional abuse and I know that some people don’t remember but Jo was like that towards me.”

She continued, “There are several scenes on ‘Teen Mom 2’ of abuse like that. So I did resonate with that a little bit cause I stayed at a homeless shelter with Isaac… I stayed at a homeless shelter in East Pennsylvania with Isaac…”

The two split in 2011, shortly before Jo got together with his current wife, Vee. And while Lowry and Vee successfully run a podcast together, they have also experienced a few obstacles along the way.

In July 2021, The Sun reported that an argument between the co-hosts nearly put an end to their business relationship.

During the episode, Lowry said, “We had some hiccups, and it was old stuff. But it was new to me… I think a lot of people were confused and thought it was a co-parenting thing, but it wasn’t.”

Vee added, “Unfortunately, it was something that happened a long time ago and I really regret it…”

Lowry shares son, Isaac, with Jo, son Lincoln with Marroquin, and sons Lux and Creed with Lopez.

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