Fan Call Maci Bookout ‘Dangerous’ in Unearthed Photo

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout faced backlash from fans.

“Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout faced backlash from fans after a photo from an old clip from the series was shared on the “Teen Mom” subreddit when the original poster was doing a rewatch of the series.

Bookout, 31, was filmed driving while looking at her phone when her kids  — sons Bentley and Maverick — were in the back seat.

Bentley is the 13-year-old son Bookout shares with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. Maverick, 5, is Bookout’s youngest son from her marriage to Taylor McKinney. The couple also shares a daughter, 7-year-old Jayde Carter.

Maverick was a few years younger when the scene was filmed, and still in a car seat. Bentley sat next to the toddler and looked after his brother.

The captions on the photo say, “Watch” and, “I can’t, I’m driving.” The original poster took a screenshot of the moment, showing Bookout was looking at her phone — and possibly texting or looks at GPS — while she was driving her kids around.

Fans Blasted Bookout for the Driving Scene

Fans accused Bookout of being unsafe.

“Not only the texting is dangerous but also driving with your leg up like that. If they crash that leg is gonna be snapped!” one person wrote.

“Not one of the teen mom girls ever drove safely. I swear every scene that they were driving, they all had a phone or something else in their hands,” a second person penned.

Some people took issue with the way Bookout was seated in the car.

“Also guys, don’t drive or ride with your leg up like that! Your feet need to be within the space the floor mat occupies, always,” they said. “I used to always drive with one leg up on the seat/door like that….Til some dips*** ran a stop sign, crashed into my driver’s side, drove over the front end of my car, and fucked my knee all to hell.”

Bookout Survived a Serious Car Crash With Bentley

Bookout and Bentley were involved in a serious car crash in 2015. Bentley was 6 years old at the time.

The incident occurred after Bookout’s Jeep collided with another car that had a blown-out tire on the highway. Bookout’s Jeep flipped three times while Bentley was in the backseat. The “Teen Mom OG” star was pregnant with her second child, Jayde, at the time.

Bookout, Bentley and Jayde were unharmed.

“I keep having flashbacks and nightmares,” Bookout told McKinney at the time, per Us Weekly.

In a new Instagram post on August 5, Bookout praised her eldest child.

“You’ll probably never know a human as special as this one,” she wrote. “He’s truly one of a kind! #bennybaby #godblessedus.”

Bookout is slated to appear in the new “Teen Mom” show, called “The Next Chapter.” The spinoff — which is a combination of “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom 2” — doesn’t have a release date just yet.

Most recently, Bookout appeared on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” where the star said she felt like she “wasn’t enough” as a mother and that she has a hard time connecting with her own feelings.

“[I] make sure everyone else is okay and when you’re s*** gets real, go away,” she said.

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Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
1 month ago

This is just ridiculous leave her alone she is a great mom and she is a human for crying out loud those children are on very good hands God bless the family ❤️

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