Mackenzie McKee Faces Backlash Over Son’s ‘Bad’ Behavior

Mackenzie McKee

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee faced ridicule after her 4-year-old son, Broncs, unbuckled his car seat while they were driving.

“Teen Mom OG” star Mackenzie Douthit McKee faced ridicule after her 4-year-old son, Broncs, after he was hitting his teacher and peers. Douthit feared her son would be “expelled” if he didn’t adjust his behavior.

Fans took to social media to blast the Oklahoma native after the September 21 episode aired on MTV, with some claiming Broncs was acting “bad.”

Mackenzie…Josh… that little boy is bad. We can’t have him hitting talking he’ll grow out of it,” one fan said.

“Mackenzie makes eeeeeverything about Josh…sis,” another tweeted. “YOUR SON IS BAD!!!!! Whether or not Josh moves to Florida,  he needs discipline! Smh #TeenMomOG.”

Douthit and her husband, Josh McKee, have been married since August 2013. They have three children together: 10-year-old Gannon, 7-year-old Jaxie and their youngest, Broncs.

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship, with Douthit admitting to cheating on her husband and simultaneously calling her husband out for having affairs of his own.

In December 2019, after a two-year battle with brain cancer, Douthit’s beloved mother, Angie, died.

Not long after, Douthit took to social media to publicly accuse McKee of having an “emotional affair” with one of her cousins in June 2020 while she was mourning the loss of her mother. The couple briefly split, with Douthit taking their three children to Florida to pursue a job opportunity in September 2020. McKee soon left his native Oklahoma to be with his family and the couple ultimately reconnected.

Douthit Was Worried About Her Son’s Behavior

After receiving several calls from Broncs’ school to “discuss his behavior” — after he “hit” other children at school, smacked “his teacher’s butt” and called other students “butt crack hoes” — Douthit worried that her son might get expelled.

Douthit had a sitdown with her husband to discuss their options.

“Do you know how Broncs’ school wanted to have a meeting with me and the teacher?” she asked on the September 21 episode of “Teen Mom OG.” “Well, I took that meeting and there were six people on the call. There was a child anger therapist and they’re seeing a huge problem with him.”

McKee wasn’t phased. “I think it’s bullc*** that we’re even talking about this,” he said about Broncs. “He’ll come together, I promise you. He will grow out of it.”

Douthit wasn’t as sure. “I thought he was getting better but he’s hitting and he’s projecting a lot of anger… I had this phone call and they acted really worried,” the fitness guru said. “Teachers are around kids every day and they know when it’s just kids being kids and they know when something is off.”

“Something has to change,” Douthit continued. “Do you think I should pull him from school because I can’t get these calls anymore? I’m not getting mad but I am starting to get mad about hearing about it every single day. They almost act like your child is too much for us and something has to happen.”

McKee Warms to the Idea of Therapy

Though McKee didn’t seem to like the idea of his son going to therapy, he decided to sit down with a child psychologist.

“I really want Broncs to get the helps he deserves,” Douthit said in a voice-over. “So I reached back out to Dr. Sheets, who consulted us a few months ago.”

“I say I’m the more easygoing parent and I make the mistake a lot of, I don’t follow through, and Josh, right on the spot, does the punishing,” Douthit admitted to the therapist on the call. “So when Josh leaves, it is just completely out of control.”

Dr. Sheets, whose first name wasn’t revealed, said Broncs might be dealing with a lot of stress. She noted that his grandmother died in December 2019 and then he was pulled from his support system in Oklahoma when they moved to Florida in September 2020.

Douthit said all the phone calls she was receiving from the school were “stressful” and “humiliating, actually.”

Dr. Sheets argued Broncs was probably stressed too. “You can tell when a child’s coping systems are overwhelmed because they start acting out in some way,” the therapist told the “Teen Mom OG” star.

McKee agreed with the therapist. “I can tell there are some things that are hard for him to deal with. Maybe we can schedule something up with Broncs,” he offered.

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