Ryan Edwards’ Dad Speaks Out After Being Fired

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Larry Edwards confirmed that he and his wife, Jen, were let go from the MTV series.

Teen Mom OG star Larry Edwards confirmed to The Sun that he and his wife, Jen, were let go from the MTV series. The dismissal came after the Edwards got into a fight with Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney at the Season 9 reunion. Things got heated between the two families, but nothing turned physical.

“We, the family have been let go from the show by the network. It’s unbelievable,” Larry told The Sun on March 24. He didn’t reveal why the family was fired but said Maci was “so mad” that they said they weren’t able to see 12-year-old Bentley for a month.

“We got in so much trouble,” he said.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup previously reported the tension was so intense at the reunion it could be cut with a knife. “But everything was OK until the very end of the segment. Maci kept giving vague answers and was making it clear she was upset but would not say why,” an insider told the publication.

A preview for the reunion showed Taylor berating Larry for defending Ryan while placing blame on Bentley. “Ryan has never been there for him but y’all put it on Bentley,” Taylor told Larry before standing up.

Fans Accused Maci of ‘Twisting’ MTV’s Arm


The Edwards aren’t exactly beloved by Teen Mom fans, but some viewers were not happy to hear that the Edwards had been let go from the series. In a Reddit thread about the dismissals, some people accused Maci of orchestrating the firings.

“Maci really twisted Viacom’s arm,” pickledskimmer wrote. “I think Maci will be the next TM to leave.”

“I thought it said they weren’t fired but ‘set aside.’ But the Edwards said no to coming back?” Yogabba573 wrote. “It’s time for Maci’s story to change anyway. Dragging family issues out on TV isn’t healthy for Bentley.”

Some fans didn’t think it was fair for the Edwards to be fired considering other controversial Teen Mom stars have been allowed to remain on the series.

“They never fired Kailyn or Brianna for the huge commotion they caused. They never fired amber for abusing her partners punching them in the face and running after her fiancé with a machete,” Logical-Bench said. “They never fired Ryan for abusing drugs on camera and driving so out of it that he was just a ticking time away from running over somebody.”

Maci Didn’t Respond to Jen’s Request to See Bentley For His Birthday

The new episode of Teen Mom OG showed Maci discussing Bentley’s birthday plans with him. When she asked what he wanted to do, he didn’t mention anything about the paternal side of his family, but said he would be happy if a few of his friends came over to their house.

“I’m still shocked that Larry spoke to the tabloids so I haven’t talked to Jen about Bentley’s birthday coming up. Because of COVID, I only want to have a few friends over,” she said.

The next clip cut to Ryan’s house, where he was shown talking to wife Mackenzie Standifer and Jen.

“I hope we get to spend time with him,” Jen told Ryan, saying she had texted Maci but didn’t hear anything back.”There’s no reason to keep Bentley from any of us for his birthday.”

“There’s no reason to keep Bentley from us anytime,” added.

“I know that,” Jen said, seemingly at a loss for words. :I mean, how do we fix it? What’s the solution? Where do we go from here?”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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