‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards Dragged in Viral Reddit Meme

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards was dragged in a viral Reddit meme.

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was dragged in a viral Reddit meme after his parents accused his ex-girlfriend of being his biggest “trigger” in his quest to remain sober. The meme referenced Ryan driving under the influence and then blaming his ex for the incident. Ryan famously nodded off while driving to marry Mackenzie Standifer at their 2017 wedding. The couple eloped, with only Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry attending the ceremony.

The viral thread, called The Ryan Edwards’ Way, had more than 1,000 upvotes and garnered dozens of comments. The altered picture showed Ryan with a Make American Great Again hat shooting a gun and then blaming Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout.

“Ryan driving recklessly and blaming others,” the top portion of the meme says. “‘How could Maci do this'” the bottom half adds.

Ryan and Maci share 12-year-old son Bentley together but have struggled when it comes to co-parenting. Season 9 of Teen Mom OG kicked off with Bentley asking Maci to set up therapy for himself and his father, but Ryan’s family accused her of orchestrating counseling.

According to a January 4, 2021, report by The Sun, Ryan was sued after he allegedly “negligently and recklessly” drove in July 2019. Ryan responded to the allegations,  saying he could “neither admit nor deny” that the other driver was stopped at a red light when the accident occurred.

Ryan’s Parents Blame Maci for Their Fractured Relationship With Bentley

The Edwards haven’t been able to see Bentley as much as they would like to, but they’re blaming Maci for the disconnect with their oldest grandson. Ryan admitted to not trying harder to have a relationship with his oldest son because he doesn’t want to deal with Maci, 29.

“I’m tired of having made-up stories and lies and problems, I’m over that. I’m not gonna do it,” Ryan told Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG. “If I continue to play into this shit, we’ll have a damn problem. I feel sorry for Bentley that he has to grow up like that and grow up with that kind of person raising him. I’m sure it’s just gonna be worse and worse.”

Larry, 60, said he now understands where his son, 33, is coming from.

“I understand Ryan more now than I have ever understood him before about how important it is for him to focus on what he has and just get away from those triggers because we’ve been to the counseling,” he said. “And the triggers are across the river.”

Larry added that Maci was the “biggest trigger” and “he needs to separate from that.”

Bentley’s Therapist Said He Felt ‘Neglected’ by His Biological Father

Before Bentley and Ryan could start working on their relationship together, the 12-year-old’s therapist suggested he start going to counseling by himself. Maci tried to get Bentley to open up about the session, but he wasn’t ready to talk yet.

Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney sat down for a phone call with the therapist, who explained that Bentley felt abandoned by Ryan.

Bentley “seems to feel neglected by his father and he has a hard time knowing what to do about it,” he said.

“It does seem like there are some very real emotional needs Ryan isn’t meeting in Bentley,” the therapist added. “He’s not going to give the attention and interest in his life that Bentley naturally needs and wants from his biological father.”

Maci agreed with the therapist. After hanging up the phone, she hung her head low and covered her face. When Taylor asked her what she was feeling, she said she was “angry” and that she wished she could take all of the pain away from Bentley.

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